School has been out now for a few weeks, the Forth of July is over, the kid next door is on vacation and parents start to hear those famous summertime words… “I’m Bored.”  And sometimes it is not always the kids that are bored, parents get to a point that if they have to watch the same Dora the Explorer cartoon for the eleventeenth time or play one more round of Fire trucks and Ambulances….they will go crazy.  Some times you need some quick ideas to mix up your summer time routine.  Try out some of these easy to do Summer Boredom Busters!

  1. Dinosaur Dig:  Spruce up the sand box by burying some small toys and letting your little archeologists dig them up.  Burry toys you already have at the bottom of the toy box or pick up some new ones from the dollar bin; little cars, plastic animals, squirt toys all make great artifacts!
  2. Sprinkler Fun:  No need to pack up and head to the pool.  Remember how much fun the sprinkler was when you were a kid?? Just turn it on in the yard and maybe you can even sit back with a lemonade while the kids frolic!
  3. Instant Bird Feeder: Cut yarn or String into 10-20 inch pieces.  String O cereal onto the pieces and tie into a loop.  Hang the loops from tree branches and watch for feathered friends to flock!
  4. Make family member puppets:  Keep a stash of extra family photos (or quickly print some off the computer, they don’t have to be high quality photo paper), especially those with larger images of family members.  Glue the photos to old file folders, poster board or anything to make them a little studier.  Cut out the general shape of the photos and glue or tape each person to a popsicle stick.   Then have your little one tell stories about the time he went to the zoo with his cousins.
  5. Ball Toss:  Make your own carnival by stacking up plastic cups into a pyramid and make a ball out of crumpled newspaper and take turns trying to knock over the cups
  6. Send art to a relative:  Address and stamp a few large envelopes ahead of time to Grandma and Grandpa, far away friends or even dad’s work.  When boredom strikes, have your kids do an art project and pop it in the mail right away!
  7. Master a new language:  If you have older kids (ie reading), go to Google Translator ( and write the translations to 10 household objects on a post-it note and stick them on the corresponding object.  By the end of the summer your UN citizen will know that the dinning room chair is a “Szek” in Hungarian!
  8. Muffin Tin Sorting:  Young kids love to sort.  Keep a bag of pom poms, buttons, or even different types of beans (of course, be careful of choking hazards).  Put one of each kind or color in a different space in a muffin tin, then let your little one sort the rest.
  9. Photography Project:  Take a tip for a college photography class.  Have your child sit in one spot in the yard and take as many different digital photos as they can.  Download them on the computer, you  might be surprised what they capture.
  10. Make Popsicles:  Blend frozen fruit, yogurt and a little juice or water together and pour into popsicle molds or paper cups.  Even young kids love to press the buttons on the blender and in a few hours, they can enjoy their snack (outside!)
  11. Build a Fort: Build a tent or a fort in the back yard or the living room and eat lunch inside!
  12. Plant Seeds- Cosmos, zinnias and marigolds all are fast-germinating seeds.  Or pick up some veggie seedlings from your nursery.  Plant them in the garden or in pots on the patio so the kids can watch them grow!
  13. Hunt for Bugs– Get down on the ground, look under rocks for pill bugs, turn over the soil for worms, look on the underside of leaves for caterpillars and lady bugs.  Older kids can look up their new found friends on the internet and learn more about them.
  14. Make Home Made Play Dough– Check out my play dough recipe here.  Super easy and super fun!
  15. Watch a Movie– Some days just call for popping some popcorn and putting on a movie with your kids.  But try out something new, maybe a ‘classic’ from your childhood??
Sometimes just a quick change of pace is all you need to reset your day.