My son’s dresser drawers have been overflowing with clothes, much of which doesn’t fit him, for a while now.  So much so, that I have actually stopped putting away his clean clothes for at least 2 weeks, determined to clear out his drawers first.  I have been waiting for a huge chunk of free time with visions of  the intricate piles and sorting system that would have to take place to accomplish the task.

Does anyone else do this?  Make such a big deal out of every project, that the projects never get done?

Well, I finally just bit the bullet.  Put the baby on the floor with a few toys and went at it.

It took 15 minutes……

This is a good reminder to me (and to other’s, I’m sure).  While plans and lists and schedules are great, sometime you just have to jump in and do it.  It is usually so much easier than you think.

So what can I tackle next????