There seem to be a million holidays to celebrate the special people in our lives, and the lives of our kids. But just what present do you give them….again?  What I have found is you can never go wrong with your kids’ artwork.  I wanted share my four favorite ideas for gifts that are; easy, cheap, and completely sentimental.

Note Card Set:  This year for mother’s day, we made a set of note card for each grandma.  Simply buy a set of blank note cards (I got mine at Paper Source).  I used paint we already had in our art box and let my 3 year old make his own handprint.  Then when the paint was dry, I came back with a second color and made prints of my (then) 3 month old.  I made 10 cards for each Grandma, stacked them with the envelopes, tied the whole bundle with a pretty ribbon and popped them in the mail.

Framed School Art:  Every month or so my son’s awesome preschool teacher sends home the art they have done at school.  Recently, my son brought one home that I just loved.  For my birthday, my husband had it matted and framed and I LOVED it even more.  I also take some of his school art, cut and fold it into a card and send notes to far away family members.

Canvas Foot Print: How easy is this one?  Premade canvas, black footprint and write a message on the side with a sharpie. Gift done.

Generations Keepsake:  My mother in law made this one for my husband’s birthday and it still brings tears to my eyes when I pass it in the hallway.  In the center is HIS one-year old hand print that was a gift to his father in 1975.  One the bottom is our son’s one year old had print in 2009.  Amazing.

What other personalized gift ideas have you tried?