You know the saying “the cobbler’s children have no shoes?”

I am the cobbler:

I am a personal trainer who specializes in pre and postnatal fitness, I have a degree in Nutrition and I write about how to make healthy decisions before, during and after childbirth.

But when it comes to my own postnatal health and fitness,

I am a poor barefooted kid….

I council my clients on the importance of healthy eating, but find myself grabbing a latte and a luna bar for breakfast.  I put my clients through the fitness paces, but have lacked the time or motivation to do much for myself.  I hit that mid day slump and either go for a second coffee or reach for the sweets.

I am tired, still holding on to too much ‘baby weight’, and just overall not feeling healthy.  For many of us, it is easy to know what we SHOULD be doing, but as new parents, it is hard to actually do it.

So, it is time for this proverbial cobbler to get his kid some shoes!!

Who’s with me?!?!

I have enlisted the help of my friend and Holistic Nutrition guru, Selena Moffitt, to help me on a path back to health.


In a recent post on her blog, 1 Moms Mission, Selena talked about green smoothies and the reasons we should all be drinking them. (read her original article here). Basically, even if you are a veggie lover, it is hard to get everything you need into one day.

I love smoothies, but have been a bit intimidated to add veggies to my blender.  I mean, that can’t taste good right?

Selena disagrees and she has oodles of recipes to prove it.

Here’s the challenge;

Each week this month, Selena will give me a new recipe to try.  We’ll post the recipes here so you can try them along with me. I’ll make the smoothies for a week, then report back the next week on how I did.  How they tasted, how I feel, my energy level and even my weight loss progress.  I am also going to give them to my 3 year old, so I’ll post his reaction too!

So welcome Selena!  Read her introduction and the first smoothie recipe we’ll be trying this week.

***Hello!  My name is Selena Moffitt and I am so excited to be a part of Megan’s challenge.  We go back a few years in the fitness industry and I have to say, I’m happy to know that I am not the only one who had to change up my life and reboot my health after having kids.

I am the owner and founder of Radiant Life Health Counseling and 1 Mom’s  I am also a mother of two young boys, a fitness instructor, and fellow blogger.  While I blog about surviving motherhood, growing Godly children, and being great stewards to the planet, you will see some nutrition tidbits on my blog as well!

If you are reading this blog you are probably “surviving” motherhood and looking for ways to stay in shape and care for yourself in minimal time.

Motherhood is busy.  Ridiculously busy.  Staying afloat is the daily goal.  Megan and I are here to help.

My goal is to help busy women learn to use REAL FOOD they may already have in their home to eat for energy, curb sugar cravings, and lose weight.  No “special” foods or products.  No gimmicks.  Just.Real.Food.

I look forward to sharing my favorite green recipes with you all!  Please feel free to ask questions as I will make sure to reply to comments.  You can also visit my blog and my website

Let’s get started with this week’s smoothie:

Easy Garden Green Smoothie

8 oz water
2 leaves Kale

½ c Zucchini (you may have a few million of these lying around from your garden?)

½ large carrot
½ banana
½ c frozen berries – the darker the berry, the more purple your smoothie

Optional add-ins:
1 TB flax
½  tsp brewer’s yeast*

1 TB coconut oil – melted**
Few pieces of ice (I like it cold!)

*brewer’s yeast and nutritional yeast are not the same thing.  They both are great sources of B vitamins.  Brewer’s yeast has more chromium, while Nutritional yeast has more B12.

**To melt your solid coconut oil, heat up some water and pour it in a double boiler.  Place your tub of coconut oil in the hot water and let it melt.  DO NOT PUT IN MICROWAVE!

If you don’t have a powerful blender (I like the Blendtec), you may have a harder time getting your smoothie smooth.  Try lightly steaming your veggies or pre-chopping or grating them before you add them to your blender.

You can make a double or triple batch for ease!  It will hold refrigerated for at least 2 days.  You may have to stir it up a bit.  Enjoy!

Megan again, see you back here next week for my results, to share yours, and to get the next installment of the GREEN SMOOTHIE CHALLENGE.


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