Becoming more healthy, 1 step at a time (Larkspur stairs)

At every meal, I try to make sure my son has a plethora of fruits, veggies, organic meats and whole grains.

But, up until a week ago, I found myself subsisting on caffeine, luna bars and candy corn. And that’s with a framed degree that reads “NUTRITION.”

Like I said a week ago, sometimes it’s the cobbler’s children who have no shoes.

Why, as mothers, do we take such good care of those around us, but put ourselves at the bottom of the list?

I think for most of us, it comes down to time and mommy-brain bandwidth.  While trying to balance work and motherhood, a pastry at Peet’s at 5am seems to be the easiest breakfast.  If I have an hour free to workout, I usually realize I need to run to the grocery store instead.  By the time I get both kids fed and down for naps, its often 2pm and triscuts and the couch seem like the only choice for lunch.  And after the frantic bedtime routine, dessert with my husband can turn into a nightly treat.  I can’t be the only one, right??

Last Monday, with the help of my friend Selena Moffitt, I started my own “Green Smoothie Challenge.”  My goal was to start my day with a better breakfast, but I found it was the catapult I needed to make some other changes.

Here’s what I noticed;

  • Each smoothie is between 3-4 servings of fruits and veggies that I was not getting before.
  • Although I did not cut out my morning coffee (that was not a main goal for me), I did not have a second afternoon coffee all week.  I just never felt I needed it.
  • I slept better (Probably because of the lack of caffeine in the afternoon)
  • I made better choice at lunch and added more veggies to our family dinners.  (I was just more inspired to ‘keep it up’)
  • I practiced what I preach to my personal training clients and got in a few short workouts, when I otherwise would have thought I didn’t have time.  (3 times up and down those super steep stairs in Larkspur, 20 minutes and I was DONE)
  •  I was more conscious about my sweet treats. I didn’t cut out sugar, but thought about my choices, made the portion size smaller and made sure I really stopped to enjoy the treat.
  • I took more time in the evenings to plan my day.  Not only my food, but everything.  This left me feeling more in control and not quite so frantic.
  • I felt my mood and my attitude were better
  • I liked that my son saw me taking better care of myself

Another favorite quote of mine is “slow and steady wins the race.”  I feel that I took the first small steps to improving my health this week without feeling deprived or frustrated or guilty.  I just made better choices more often.

As a mom, I try to always make good choices for my kids.  But I really want to embrace the idea that making better choices for MYSELF is ultimately the best choice I can make for my children.

So join me!  This week, what is one “better” choice you can make?  Maybe for you it is getting to bed 30 minutes earlier, or spending a little less time on facebook, or getting out for a walk in your neighborhood, or reconnecting with an old friend.

Try it out, I was amazed the trickle down affect one change had.

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