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Every pregnant woman has experienced the endless guesses from family, friends and even complete strangers on the gender of her baby bump.  “Oh!  You are carrying high, it must be a girl” or “No morning sickness??  Its definitely a boy.”  For hundreds of years people have relied on various methods to predict gender.  Even today, some people swear by wives tales to tell them if they are carrying a boy or a girl.


So, try it out for yourself.  Here are a few fun ways (although not necessarily reliable) to see if you’ll need a pink or a blue room.


  • Mother sleeps on her right side= Girl


  • Mother’s feet are colder than normal = Boy


  • Mother’s pillow faces south while she sleeps =Girl


  • Husband gains weight during pregnancy=Boy


  • Mother’s hair develops red highlights= Girl


  • Larger Right Breast= Boy


  • Mom crave Sweets = Girl


  • Mother picks up a key by the round end = Boy


  • Preschool boys show more interest in Mother =Girl


  • Mother was the sexual aggressor during conception = Boy
The image above is from this site.  Check it out for more on boy/girl predictions!



Happy Sunday!  And a very happy Thanksgiving.  I have so much to be thankful for and I am incredibly thankful for my BUMP Life community.

If you have been busy slaving away at the stove or scooping up black friday deals this week- here’s what you missed:


Congratulations to Brook Tapia on winning the book; Hot Sweaty Mamas: Five Steps to Life as a Fit Mom- Your book is in the mail! And stay tuned for more giveaways- we have a few fun ones planned!!


Sharon gives us a different perspective on goal setting by focusing on what the outcome will feel like.  Then creating a anchor to remind us if that feeling.  I already wrote out my goal and taped it to my keyboard to remind me what I am striving for.

Redefine the Resolution: A different Approach to Goal Setting


Sometimes, a puddle and a stick is all you need...

I participated in my first ‘Wordless Wednesday‘- a picture posted to my blog, then linked up through to other wordless Wednesday participants.  Its a great way to find new blogs and connect with others online.

Heres a blog I found this week and I am totally going to try this crockpot apple sauce recipe

I'm thankful for these little feet...


Thursday was all about giving thanks (and eating way too much food) and I am very thankful for my kids.

Thank You for Being My Kids


The day after all that over indulgence was the perfect day to introduce a new feature here on BUMP Life.  FIT TIP FRIDAYS are a quick health and fitness tip that we can all tackle together!

This week:  If you don’t really love something, don’t eat it!

Like many of you, I can’t believe December starts next week.  The Holidays are a fun, crazy time for all of us and here at BUMP life, we have some great holiday posts and giveaways coming up!  Be sure to take a few minutes each day for yourself and I hope you spend a few of those minutes here.

Have a wonderful evening and see you back here next week for  more BUMP life!

The day after Thanksgiving seems like the perfect Friday to introduce the newest addition to the BUMP Life Blog – FIT TIP FRIDAY!


Of course, the day after Thanksgiving it also took me ALL day to get my post up  (its not even still Friday for some of you.)  Oh well…life as a busy mom, right!


FIT TIP FRIDAY is a quick fitness or health tip to incorporate into our busy lives.  Something completely feasible, probably something you already know, but need a little nudging to actually be doing. AND it’s probably something I need a little nudging to be doing also. So, we’ll do it together, deal?


Today’s FIT TIP:


If you don’t really like something, don’t eat it.


This tips comes straight on the heels of a HUGE feast filled with dish after dish of delectable delights…or are they all really delectable?  Do you really love every dish on the Thanksgiving table?  Often we take a scoop of Aunt Sally’s green bean casserole to be nice, but do we really want those extra calories?


A few days before Thanksgiving, is my Mother-in-law’s birthday.  After dinner we had my Mother-in-laws favorite dessert, ice cream sundaes.  I have a huge sweet tooth and am usually not one to turn down dessert, but I realized that the only reason I was looking forward to the ice cream, was for the caramel sauce.  So while everyone else had ice cream sundaes, I cut up an apple and dipped the slices in the caramel.  I completely enjoyed my dessert, and saved a few hundred calories in the process.


So, as the holiday parties roll on by, try to make your choices more consciously.  Put food on your plate (and in your mouth) that you love and enjoy them.  If you feel you could take it or leave it…leave it!





I’m thankful for these little feet…

Happy  Thanksgiving, Brady and Rylan.

There are so many amazing things in my life that I am thankful for, but the two of you top my list.

1.  Thank you for all the cute things you do on a daily basis

2.  Thank you for inventing fun ways to cuddle like “smushy face”

3.  Thank you for the adorable ways you say certain words like “lello” and “hipacopter” and “harmangiga”

4.  Thank you both for being such awesome sleepers…seriously..thank you for that one

5.  Thank you for making a happy husband and wife into an amazingly happy family of four

6.  Thank you for making the house smell like cookie dough, strawberries and mud all at the same time

7.  Thank you for making me excited about things like cutting down a christmas tree and carving pumpkins

8. Thank you for putting your head down on my shoulder and snuggling at just the perfect moment

9.  Thank you for teaching me patience, I hope I use it more often than I don’t

10.  Thank you for choosing me

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!  I am so thankful to all of YOU for taking time out of your day to spend here at BUMP Life.

…and these

Sometimes, a puddle and a stick are all you need...

For more Wordless Wednesdays, check out some of the great blogs linked at 5 Minutes For Mom

Guest Post by Life Coach, Sharon Lincoln, PCC

Once you’ve embodied your goal, find an anchor to remind you

If you are like me, you’ve had some of the same New Year’s resolution year after year. There were times I was close to achieving my goals, only to ultimately fall short in the end.  I was so focused on the task at hand that I often lost site of what it meant to actually achieve my goals. It wasn’t until I changed my perspective around goal setting and making resolutions that I finally succeeded in creating the life I want. As the new year approaches and you create your resolutions, ask yourself this question:

What’s important about this resolution to me?

For example, if weight loss is your objective:

Imagine being at your ideal weight, what does that look like? How does it feel?  Instead of focusing on the challenge of dieting and exercising, think of the results. Pay close attention to how it feels in your body when you envision being at 100%.

Once you’ve embodied this feeling, find an anchor that will remind you of this goal. Perhaps your anchor is a pair of jeans that you yearn to fit into, or a picture of yourself at your ideal. For some, an anchor can be a piece of jewelry that they wear as a reminder, or a slogan written on a sticky note. Find the one that works for you and visit it often along your journey.

So often we create goals and spend our energy focusing on what it takes to get to where we want to be. Spend a few moments everyday focusing on what the outcome would bring to your life and relish in that feeling of fulfillment. Though you may not reach your goals overnight, by taking the time to enjoy the process it will remind you of what you are working towards, living the life of your dreams.

**Enjoying Sharon’s posts?  Check out her other BUMP Life posts;**

Season of Change: Removing the Triggers  

Season of Change: Change Your Geography 

Creating Space for Change

Sharon Lincoln, PCC, is a Certified Personal and Professional Coach. She is a working mom of two, and can be reached at

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I know we are all busy and don’t always get to everything we hope to during the week so, a  new feature here on BUMP Life is the Sunday Night Wrap Up!

Here’s what happened this week on BUMP Life:


It was an exciting week as we hosted the ladies from Hot Sweaty Mamas on their virtual book tour.

Read my review of their book here;

Book Review: Hot Sweaty Mamas: Five Secrets to Life as a Fit Mom

Then Laurie and Kara were our guest’s on Thursday with their post;

Goodbye Mother Guilt: The secret to staying committed is letting go

These ladies have some great tips for figuring out how to be a healthy mama!  Be sure to check them out



 I am giving away a copy of HOT SWEATY MAMAS: FIVE SECRETS TO LIFE AS A FIT MOM to one lucky BUMP Life reader.  Leave a comment here or on our facebook page.  A winner will be randomly selected on Friday 11/25



This week, I posted part 3 in the Prenatal Fitness Answers Series, all about the myths around exercising (and sleeping) on your back during pregnancy.

Prenatal Fitness Answers-Part 3- Supine Hypotensive Syndrome

If you missed part 1 or 2 in the series, here they are.  And stay tuned for the final installment next week all about the hormone Relaxin and what it does to your body during pregnancy and post partum.

Prenatal Fitness Answers- Part 1- Heart Rate Guidelines

Prenatal Fitness Answers- Part 2- Abdominal Training



What is your stance on TV viewing for your little ones?  Read about what the research has to say and my personal take on the whole thing here;

TV and Kids: What’s a Busy Parent to Do?



Even though it was actually last week when Sharon Lincoln talked about Removing the Triggers when it comes to achieving our goals, I thought it was worth linking to again.  She has some great tips for us as always.  Next week she’ll be back to talk about Redefining the Resolution to get us ready for the New Year (or before!)

Seasons of Change: Removing the Triggers


Next week starts the busy holiday season, and we have a lot of posts on the agenda to get us ready and keep us sane during the next few weeks.  Want some kid-friendly holiday crafts ideas?  It’s coming.  Holiday workouts?  Done.  Need help picking out some gifts?  We even have giveaways coming up, so you don’t even have to shop!  Weekly Fit Tips?  Watch for new videos soon.

Let us know what else you are looking for and share your ideas with the rest of our BUMP Life community.

Happy Sunday


I let my 3-year-old watch TV.

There, I said it.

I completely commend parents that can survive with no TV.  But, for my family, for right now, TV is okay with us.  I like the quiet time we spend snuggling and watching a cartoon right after he wakes up and I like the time that the video “How do they Build Fire trucks” gives me to tend to his sister or get dinner ready.

But I do worry about how much is too much?

The American Academy of Pediatrics stance is no TV for kids under 2 and one hour for those over 2 years.

In a recent article on, Kathleen Acord talks about sane ways to incorporate TV into your child’s life.  (Now, in full disclosure, Acord works for a KQED program that teaches parents and childcare providers how to use TV as a learning tool, so of course her stance is going to be a little one sided.)

But let me summarizes a few of the key points:

Watch Programs, Not Television

Basically don’t sit your kid down in front of the Jerry Springer show and infomercials for the Shake Weight because that’s the last channel on last night.  This is why I love our DVR.  I can record shows that I feel are more appropriate and it is easier to control the time, since the recording shuts off after the program is over.

Choose Calm, Quiet Programs  

This is where the recent uprising over the “Sponge Bob Study” comes in.  Researches found that when 4 year olds watched 9 minutes of fast paced cartoons (like Sponge Bob), they then scored lower on brain function tests than 4 year olds who watched a PBS program or who colored with crayons for 9 minutes.

Frankly, I think parents all over rejoiced in a reason to NOT watch sponge bob.  I know the TV as education concept is debated, but I would rather my kids spout Spanish phrases with Dora, or count to 10 with Blue.

Watch With Your Child

Acord sites a study that showed when children watched TV with their parents, they scored higher academically than those who watched without an adult present (this study did not, however, compare academic success of non tv watchers).  The idea is that by watching with your children, you are not only more closely monitoring what they watch, but you are also sending them a message that what they do is important to you.

Extend What Your Child Watches Into the Real World

After we watch “How Fire Trucks are Made,” we drive by the fire house and describe which trucks we see, which one is a ladder truck and which is an engine.   If Dora uses the phrase “Falta Algo?” I try to use that phrase throughout the day too.


Worlds longest train track

I think TV is like any other treat we allow our kids.   It’s all okay in moderation and with specific intentions.   A good friend, who is a nutritionist, allows her child to have dessert every night because he eats healthy, wholesome foods all day long.  He loves a wide variety of foods, so sweet treats also fit into that wide variety.

I like the snuggle time we have on the couch watching a morning cartoon or unwinding before naptime.  But I also love to snuggle up and read a book, or go to the park and run around outside!  Some rainy weekends we make hot chocolate and watch a two hour Pixar movie in our pajamas.  But other days we build the worlds biggest train track spanning the living room and dinning room and the TV never even gets turned on.


Supine Hypotensive What?!?!

That sounds like a really scary condition that you don’t want to get, right?  Well, actually it’s really a scary sounding name for a much less complicated issue during pregnancy.

As the size of the growing baby increases, the baby may have enough weight to compress the vena cava (the vein that returns blood to the heart) when the mother is lying on her back.  This usually starts sometime between 20-25 weeks  and most women will describe the symptoms as dizzy  and lightheadedness or ‘pins and needles’ in the legs.

As is true in many prenatal situations, maternal symptoms always precede fetal distress.  This basically means that the pregnant woman is going to feel the pins and needles and know it is time to change positions.

So, Should I not exercise flat on my back?The ACOG recommends limiting time pregnant women spend on their back to 2 minutes.  So, that’s enough time to get in one set of ab work, or chest stretches.  But remember 2 things;

  1. Try side-lying exercises as an alternative to flat on your back

    Supine Hypostensive Syndrome does not affect all pregnant women– some women never feel these symptoms and therefore are probably safe to continuing exercising (or sleeping) on their backs

  2. There are MANY alternative ways to do any exercise that is traditionally done on your back– By elevating your body to about a 30-degree angle, you can avoid any complications.  Doing your abdominal work on a stability ball or on all fours, completely alleviates any blood supply concerns (remember this video).  Try a seated chest press machine instead of a bench press or do the Pilates leg series side lying instead of flat.

I woke up on my back last night, should I be concerned?

Women’s bodies are designed to protect the growing baby.  If, in the middle of the night, you found you had been sleeping on your back, waking up was probably your body’s way of telling you it was time to change positions.  If you are a dedicated back sleeper, try putting one of your baby-to-be’s blankets to use early.  Fold it, and place it under one hip so you can lay on your back, but with your body slightly angled to one side, this is usually enough to keep the direct pressure off your vena cava.

Of course, if any symptoms during pregnancy are concerning to you or seem abnormal, always trust your gut (that’s your mother’s intuition starting!) and call you doctor.

This is part 3 in our series on Prenatal Fitness Questions Answered! If you missed part 1 or 2 click the question below to read the answers. And stay tuned for our final installment in this series on my favorite prenatal fitness topic- Relaxin!

In my many years of working with pregnant woman as a personal trainer and prenatal fitness expert, 4 questions come up over and over again.

4 Top Prenatal Fitness Questions

  1. Can I get my heart rate over 140bpm
  2. Can I do ab work while I am pregnant?
  3. I woke up last night on my back, should I be worried?
  4. My joints feel loosey-goosey, should I avoid working out?- COMING SOON

The lovely ladies of Hot Sweaty Mamas are here today on their Virtual Book Tour.  I love the guest post Laurie has written for us today.  It touches on some of my favorite points from the book (read my review here) and gives some great tips for us busy moms.  And, if you need more inspiration, I am giving away a copy of the book Hot (Sweaty) Mamas: Five Secrets to Life as a Fit Mom.  Read the article and check out how you can enter to win at the end of the post.


Guest post by Laurie Kocanda and Kara Douglass Thom, co-authors of Hot (Sweaty) Mamas: Five Secrets to Life as a Fit Mom.

If you’re like most moms, it takes more than good intentions to stay committed a fitness routine. Don’t let that occasional cookie get you down. What’s really standing in your way is an overdose of something much more toxic: Mother Guilt.

Overcoming Mother Guilt—maybe just locking her in the closet for an hour at a time—is essential if you want to carve out time to get fit. First you need to free up a little mental space so you are strong enough to make the appropriate compromises.

Lose the Preconceptions and Misconceptions

Start by identifying your preconceptions of motherhood; you’ll probably realize what you thought were parenting no-no’s might actually have a place in your life. For example, maybe it’s not so bad to let your kids watch television if it means you can jump on the treadmill or tune into FitTV for an hour. Junk food might be okay if it gets your kids into the jogging stroller. Perhaps you can miss a soccer practice to go for a quick power walk or run. The point is to challenge what you’ve accepted as parenting truths and get realistic about what life is really like.

Take Inventory

Take some time to write down what’s important to you, what values you want to impart on your children (hopefully health and fitness are near the top of the list). Then, take inventory of one or two typical days and see where you’re actually spending your time. Like it or not, top entries for your day translate into your top priorities. Work to make health and fitness an actual, not just perceived, priority. Then, remember who is watching because, like it or not, we lead by example.

Protect Your Priorities

Once you’ve established what your actual priorities are, it’s easier to fight to protect them. Allocating the right amount of time to each of your priorities leads to a certain type of contentment; the alternatives are resentment and (you guessed it) guilt. Saying “no” to something that isn’t a priority starts to feel good when you use the time freed to attend to something that is. You’ve likely fine-tuned your ability to say “no” walking the aisles of Target with your kids. It’s time to put those skills to good use and clear a little clutter from your life.

Remember it’s a Balancing Act

Learning to say “no” is important because sometimes we have to say it to something that is a priority—including fitness. When life throws you a curve ball, make a decision on how you will react. If fitness doesn’t fit in during a particularly hard week, let it go. In making that decision, you stay in control—there is no resentment, no anger, no feeling like the victim. Keep those priorities in check and realize it’s okay to experience temporary imbalances. Sooner or later, you’ll find equilibrium again and your fitness will return.

If you’ve had a hard time maintaining a regular fitness routine in the past, try focusing some attention on the mental components first. Physical fitness requires mental training; knock Mother Guilt out of the picture and the possibilities are endless.

Laurie and Kara, The Authors of Hot (Sweaty) Mamas

Want your own copy?  Comment on this post about how you’re going to prioritize your health or your favorite mommy workout tip.  Want a second chance to win?  Click over to BUMP Life’s Facebook page (like us if you haven’t already) and leave a comment on the wall about your health priorities.  All entries will be combined and randomly chosen on NOV 25th!   

 ***Check our HSM next stop on their tour and find some fabulous new blogs to follow by checking out their tour schedule here***

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