They maybe be lucky, but not if they are your trigger food

Guest Post by Life Coach, Sharon Lincoln, PCC

Here’s a dirty secret. I am addicted to Lucky Charms cereal. In fact, I find it so irresistible that I would have absolutely no problem finishing off a box it within the course of a day. I have the same problem with chocolate covered pretzels. I can write paragraphs around what I’ve learned about portion control and counting points all in an attempt to indulge in my love of food, as well as maintaining my weight. In short here’s what I’ve learned:

I have zero self control when it comes to my “trigger” foods.

Trigger foods are the items that we can’t stop eating once we’ve started. They can also be the kinds of foods that lead us to eat other food (ex. the need for a salty food after we’ve consumed this particular sweet treat.)  I’ve learned I’m not alone when it comes to trigger foods. Here’s some advice I’ve gathered along the way:

  • Put simply, clear out your home of all trigger foods. I’ll never forget the “Snackwell” phenomenon that occurred years back. My friends and I were all so amazed that these delicious cookies were low fat! It wasn’t uncommon to polish off a box within one sitting all under the guise that we were eating healthy. If you know that eating one low fat item will cause you to indulge in the whole box, toss it.
  • Create your own space and consider stocking it with upgraded items that feel like an indulgence. For example, spend up at the local farmer’s market for healthy snacks and condiments. Though pre cut fruits and veggies may cost more, the cost is worth it if it helps you with your healthy living goals.
  • Make room in your cabinets to store your family member’s treats away. My toddler loves to snack throughout the day. Knowing that I love pretzels more than he does, I’ve stopped purchasing them and have instead replaced them with whole grain Goldfish, a snack that he loves, and one that doesn’t tempt me.

By removing the triggers you will be creating the environment to succeed with  your weight management goals.

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Sharon Lincoln, PCC, is a Certified Personal and Professional Coach. She is a working mom of two, and can be reached at