Just cleaning up!

Nothing like a quite Sunday morning to get some cleaning done.   With one baby napping and the other kid out at the park with dad, I have a chance to get things organized around here.  Wait…did you think  I was talking about  my house??  Oh no, (sorry honey!) I’m talking about my blog!

I realized it was getting a little hard to navigate around the site to browse or look for a specific article, even for me!  So I made a few updates.

First, did you see the new search bar in the upper left corner of the home page?  Now you can put in terms like “fitness” or “potty training” and read those articles.

Second, I decided to define BUMP Life’s tag line a little more.

…for everything bump, babies and beyond

Now, you will notice new page tabs at the top of the site with these words;

Bump: Here you’ll find articles about pregnancy and preparing for a new baby

Babies:  Has you new little one arrived?  Here is where the articles about babies are indexed

Beyond: Beyond the baby stage, or looking for something just for mom?  You’ll find that here

While I was working on the indexes, I revisited many of the past posts and its like visiting an old friend.  Since we have many new readers (thank you!!).  I thought I’d point out a few of my favorite past articles.

Two of my first posts really still resonate with me.  I realize now that right as I was starting this blog, I was dealing with some post partum depression.  It makes sense now, the feeling overwhelmed, the anxiety about the job I was doing as a parent…but writing and reading (to myself) these posts really were really a cathartic part of getting me through that time.  Maybe they can help you too!

Note to Self: Parenting Reminders I Need to Remember

If You’ve Figured Out This Parenting Thing, Raise Your Hand

Getting ready to deliver?  Here are two great list on what to take to the hospital and what to bring home.  Check out the comments, great suggestions from the BUMP Life community too!

With the Holidays around the corner, you are probably starting to think about gifts for all the special people in your life and the lives of your kids. Here are some ideas for turning your kids art work in to great gifts. And stay tuned for two guest posts in the next few weeks sure to help with the Holiday madness.  One by Christian Wood, preschool teacher extraordinaire on more holiday crafts for your little ones and another by Tammy Gabel, a high school friend and new mom, who will share some wonderful ideas for gifts for all the childcare providers in your life (I’ll be using that one!).

So, if you have a few moments on this Sunday browse around the site.  If you see an article you like, share it with a friend (or post a link on your FB page!). Thank you, truly, to each and everyone one of you for building a community together!