I’m thankful for these little feet…

Happy  Thanksgiving, Brady and Rylan.

There are so many amazing things in my life that I am thankful for, but the two of you top my list.

1.  Thank you for all the cute things you do on a daily basis

2.  Thank you for inventing fun ways to cuddle like “smushy face”

3.  Thank you for the adorable ways you say certain words like “lello” and “hipacopter” and “harmangiga”

4.  Thank you both for being such awesome sleepers…seriously..thank you for that one

5.  Thank you for making a happy husband and wife into an amazingly happy family of four

6.  Thank you for making the house smell like cookie dough, strawberries and mud all at the same time

7.  Thank you for making me excited about things like cutting down a christmas tree and carving pumpkins

8. Thank you for putting your head down on my shoulder and snuggling at just the perfect moment

9.  Thank you for teaching me patience, I hope I use it more often than I don’t

10.  Thank you for choosing me

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!  I am so thankful to all of YOU for taking time out of your day to spend here at BUMP Life.

…and these