The day after Thanksgiving seems like the perfect Friday to introduce the newest addition to the BUMP Life Blog – FIT TIP FRIDAY!


Of course, the day after Thanksgiving it also took me ALL day to get my post up  (its not even still Friday for some of you.)  Oh well…life as a busy mom, right!


FIT TIP FRIDAY is a quick fitness or health tip to incorporate into our busy lives.  Something completely feasible, probably something you already know, but need a little nudging to actually be doing. AND it’s probably something I need a little nudging to be doing also. So, we’ll do it together, deal?


Today’s FIT TIP:


If you don’t really like something, don’t eat it.


This tips comes straight on the heels of a HUGE feast filled with dish after dish of delectable delights…or are they all really delectable?  Do you really love every dish on the Thanksgiving table?  Often we take a scoop of Aunt Sally’s green bean casserole to be nice, but do we really want those extra calories?


A few days before Thanksgiving, is my Mother-in-law’s birthday.  After dinner we had my Mother-in-laws favorite dessert, ice cream sundaes.  I have a huge sweet tooth and am usually not one to turn down dessert, but I realized that the only reason I was looking forward to the ice cream, was for the caramel sauce.  So while everyone else had ice cream sundaes, I cut up an apple and dipped the slices in the caramel.  I completely enjoyed my dessert, and saved a few hundred calories in the process.


So, as the holiday parties roll on by, try to make your choices more consciously.  Put food on your plate (and in your mouth) that you love and enjoy them.  If you feel you could take it or leave it…leave it!