Every pregnant woman has experienced the endless guesses from family, friends and even complete strangers on the gender of her baby bump.  “Oh!  You are carrying high, it must be a girl” or “No morning sickness??  Its definitely a boy.”  For hundreds of years people have relied on various methods to predict gender.  Even today, some people swear by wives tales to tell them if they are carrying a boy or a girl.


So, try it out for yourself.  Here are a few fun ways (although not necessarily reliable) to see if you’ll need a pink or a blue room.


  • Mother sleeps on her right side= Girl


  • Mother’s feet are colder than normal = Boy


  • Mother’s pillow faces south while she sleeps =Girl


  • Husband gains weight during pregnancy=Boy


  • Mother’s hair develops red highlights= Girl


  • Larger Right Breast= Boy


  • Mom crave Sweets = Girl


  • Mother picks up a key by the round end = Boy


  • Preschool boys show more interest in Mother =Girl


  • Mother was the sexual aggressor during conception = Boy
The image above is from this site.  Check it out for more on boy/girl predictions!