Today’s guest post is very exciting for me.  This wonderful article comes straight from our own BUMP Life community!  Tammy is a mom to a beautiful 4 month old daughter and here she shares some ideas with the rest of us on gift ideas for all the special care providers in your child’s life.  This is exciting for me, because it is exactly what I want from BUMP life, sharing ideas with each other and creating a community.  So enjoy this amazing idea (I know I am going to try it!) and if you have anything YOU would like to share with our community, let me know!


Show those who care for your kids how much you appreciate them!

My daughter is four months old, so being that everything is new for us, I asked my Facebook friends a few weeks ago if gifts for daycare providers would be expected/appropriate around the holidays and what would be a good gift.

I received more responses than I ‘d hoped for and the answers, in short, were that nothing is expected, anything is appreciated, and gift suggestions generally fell into three categories:

  • A gift card,
  • something handmade from the kiddo,
  • or a baked good.

I thought I would combine all these ideas and make a handmade card, a baked good and a Starbucks card for the three women in the infant room at my daughter’s daycare. And then, a spot opened up at a different daycare that we’d been on the wait list for and she will be moving schools after Thanksgiving. I still wanted the women to know they were appreciated, though, so I made a scaled back version – giving them each a handmade Thanksgiving card and a Starbucks card.

For the card, I combined this idea I saw on Pinterest,  with a traditional hand turkey.

Because it’s not so easy to trace the hand of a four-month-old multiple times, I traced it onto chipboard from an empty cereal box, and used that as the template to trace six hands on brown paper. Then I printed “T H A N K Y O U !” on yellow paper to make the accordion in the middle. On the front I added feathers made of scrapbook paper and a face for the turkeys.

I imagine for Christmas, her new teachers will receive something similar – I’m thinking of buying blank cards and stamping handprints on them in red and green, and giving them each a Starbucks card and a homemade goodie.

Some ideas for the treat:

Mini loaves of pumpkin bread

Peppermint Bark

Cookie mix in a jar 

An assortment of cookies

***Tammy Krikorian Gabel lives in Reno, Nev., and works in social media. She enjoys crafts, baking and, most of all, spending time with her family.***