The REAL belly- Feb 2011

Yesterday on Twitter  @bookieboo, creator of  mamavation, tweeted;

“I wish more of you put your real pictures on twitter as an avatar”

Then later that day a new follower commented that she liked my picture.  On twitter, the photo for my profile (@bump_life if you want to follow me) is the same photo that is in the header of my blog and no,

it’s not me.

I bought this image many years ago when I was starting my business because I LOVED it and it embodied my pre and postnatal fitness business ideals.  But today, I am wondering what message it is putting out there?

So, for today’s WORDLESS WEDNESDAY photo, I am posting a picture on MY belly five days before my daughter was born. Not retouched, not photoshopped, not well lit and complete with stretch marks and closed eyes of my son.

What do you think?  Should I replace my avatar with this one?