What words will define YOU in 2012?

Hello and welcome to 2012!


I hope that everyone had a lovely Holiday season.  I took a little time off from things here at BUMP Life and I am excited to be back and kick off 2012!


New Years Resolutions are the hot topic right now.

Everyone is telling you how to set them; list of 10, write in the present tense, just pick 3, call them goals, call them life style changes, don’t make them at all, etc, etc.


After 15 years in the fitness industry, I admit I have become a little jaded of the New Years Resolution.  As someone on twitter said yesterday, “I am so excited for all the new people at the gym, too bad we will only be friends for 3 weeks”


But that is not to say I don’t love resolutions and goals setting.


I mean I LOVE goal setting.


Can I make it a list? Done!  Time management eBook?  Downloaded it!  Goal setting webinar? I’m signed up!


So where is the difference for me between the people packed 3 deep on the treadmills on Jan 2 and my obsession with all things goal oriented?


I think it is all in the planning and the execution.  And I don’t think it has to be Jan 1st to set a goal.


But this year, I have spent some of my down time over the last few weeks (like there is actually any down time at the holidays, right?) thinking about where I want to go with my life, my health, my career, and my relationships.


I’ve done lots of reflecting, and reading and writing and mind mapping and day-dreaming. I have made my goal list, I have a 3-year vision, I set a fitness challenge for myself, I made some parenting goals (more veggies, less tv anyone?) and I set a PUSH goal for 2012.



Over the next few weeks I am going to be sharing some of my favorite blogs, sites, programs, books and ideas for goal setting any time of the year. (Like ‘what’s a push goal’ you ask? Check out http://www.30daypush.com, you’ll be inspired)



But for my first post in 2012, I want to share what I was thinking about last night at 3:30am while I was up with a restless baby.


Instead of a list of resolutions like ‘lose weight’ or ‘floss more,’ business guru Chris Brogan has the idea to come up with 3 words to live by for the upcoming year.


I loved this idea.


The number 3 really resonated for me, because it corresponds perfectly with something else I have been embracing with my goals setting this year.  The three areas in my life most important to me;


  1. My relationships (with my kids, my husband, my friends, my family and my community)
  2. My career
  3. My personal fulfillment



So I decided that I would assign each area of my life one work that embodies what I hope for in 2012


Engage (relationships) –  I am incredibly lucky to be surrounded by some truly amazing people.  And I want to make sure that I connect with them on an intensely engaged level on a very regular basis.  Because my relationships are the most important thing to me in my life. 


Does this mean I’ll still sometime Facebook when I am at the park with my kids?  Yeah, sometimes.  Or let the call from my BFF go to voicemail when I just got the kids down and I want to watch Gossip Girls instead?  Yeah, sometimes.  But I vow to make sure the people who are important in my life know it.


Energize (career)- I am excited about my career and the direction I am headed.  Maybe for the first time in a while.  I have very recently started looking at what I do and what I want to be doing in a different light and I am energized.  I know this new level of energy will help me commit to my own goals, but more importantly to the people whom I want to help.


Reprioritize (personal fulfillment)- It is so common for many of us, especially moms, to put our personal fulfillment at the bottom of the list. But this year, I want to start reprioritizing my own needs and applying the same level of dedication to myself that I do to others.  So do I have a goal to get back to my pre-baby weight this year? Sure.  But I am going to do it by putting my health higher on my list, not by beating myself up for not losing the weight 10 months after my daughter was born.  And that dentist appointment I have been putting off until I have more time?  When the office opens at 8am tomorrow morning, I’ll be the first on the line.



So, there you have it?  My 3 words for 2012


Engage, Energize and Reprioritize


I hope you’ll stay tuned here to see how I do, where I stumble and how I get back up.


What are your 3 words?  Please share them here!