I’ll try not to lock *this* one in the car

Yes, yes…I have.

Three years ago and I PANICKED!!!

I had parked at a bookstore and was standing with the back door of my car open where my 9-month-old son was strapped into his carseat.  I had already clicked the lock on my key fob and put my keys and my cell phone in the pocket of my diaper bag….which was on the floor of the backseat under my son.  I was hooking my ergo on getting ready to unstrap him, when the occupants of the vehicle parked next to me, returned to their car.   Knowing it was going to take me a few more minutes to get situated, I stepped back and shut the door enough to let the man past me.  But I shut the door a little to far….and it latched….and it was already locked.

I started to freak out.

Not only had I locked my infant son in the car, but my CELL PHONE was in there too!!!  What was I going to do?!?!?!

Another man was walking to his car and I shrieked at him that I had locked my child in the car and could I borrow his cell phone.  He rushed over and handed me his cell.

But who do I call?

I wanted to call my husband, but I was having a hard time remembering his office number in my current state.  The man had gone back to his car to get some tools, but really what was he going to do?  I finally remembered my husband’s number, but again, what did I want him to do?  He was 20 minutes from home and the spare keys and I was another 15 minutes away, was he going to go home, then back to me?

Now, a woman two cars over with kids of her own came over and assured me that “we have all done it” and offered to call AAA.


I was clearly in no state to be making rational decisions and I was close to breaking the window.

So I am hear to tell you right now;

If you lock your kids in the car, just call 911

Yeah, what you did was dumb, but just call.

I finally called 911 and the fire truck was there in less than 10 minutes, probably less than 5.  The firefighters were very calm, told me it happens all the time and had my door open in less than a minute.  They checked my son over, who was crying and a little flushed from heat, but was fine.

At about the same moment, the tow truck the other woman had called pulled up.  Turns out if you call AAA (or any tow service) and tell them your child is locked in the car.  THEY also call 911, and dispatch a tow truck immediately.

All in all, Brady was in the car for a good 30-45 minutes.  If I had just called 911 first, I think it would have been less than 10.

So here’s what I do differently now.

  1. When I get out of the car, I always put my keys in my pocket, not in my bag.
  2. I also always keep my cell phone in my pocket.  Even if I get out of the car to pump gas, I take my cell with me. (plus, then I can check Facebook while the gas pumps, right???)
  3. I leave a door open while I am loading everyone into or out of their seats (usually the front passenger seat).  I do a double check of my keys before I close the last door.
  4. I make people trying to get into their car next to me wait.  Sorry, but I’ll only be a few minutes.