My mom is getting ready to attend a baby shower for a daughter of a good friend of hers and she asked for my advice on gifts.  She was going to get a few of the same adorable outfits she had just picked up for my own daughter when I told her;

“Mom, don’t just get clothes.”

Clothes are definitely a favorite baby shower gift, especially if the mama-to-be is having a girl.  Who doesn’t want to buy all those tiny frilly dresses, and ity-bity shoes?  But here is why I don’t think you should give clothes for a shower gift (or at least only give clothes).

  1. Everyone has her own taste.  You might think that hot pink Minnie Mouse dress is a-dor-a-ble, but the new parents might not agree.
  2. Clothes are the easiest thing to get used.  Babies only wear those first outfits a few times before they outgrow them, so used baby clothes are usually in great shape.  For both kids I had a huge box of perfect condition hand-me-downs from friends.  I really needed other baby items on my registry.
  3. They are fun to shop for. That is exactly why YOU want to get clothes for that new little baby.  But that is also what the new mom (and grandmas) want to buy…let them.



But then what should I get??


My Favorite Baby Shower Ideas:

Diapers and wipes:


New babies are expensive.

A newborn baby will go through 10+ diapers a day at first.  A box of 124 newborn diapers is $35 dollars.  That is almost $100 A MONTH for diapers (wait, why am I not using cloth diapers?).  A coworker of my husband wrapped up a jumbo box of diapers when my daughter was born, I almost cried.

Baby Care Supplies (medical)


One of my favorite gifts when I had my first child came from my friend who already had kids.  She put together a huge bag of all the care items and medicine I would need.  Destine, gripe water, baby Tylenol, nail clippers, thermometer, etc.  This is a GREAT gift for many reasons.  But mainly, as a new mom, I didn’t know what I would need.  What the heck is gripe water?  And of course when you need this stuff, its 3 in the morning.  I loved just opening my drawer and finding it all there the first time the baby was sick.

Your Tried and True Baby Item

If you are a new mom or a new grandma and there is an item you couldn’t live with out for your baby, get that.

Did the sleep sheep put your little one to sleep?  Get it

Does your son carry his ‘lovey’ everywhere?  Pick up one for the new baby.

The Aden & Anias “Dream” blanket is my favorite blanket I received as a gift, it is the perfect blanket.   Its a great gift if you need to ship it or just send it direct from Amazon.

Think Ahead

The majority of baby gifts seem to be for the first 6 months or so.  Why not think ahead to when the baby will be eating solid foods?  Here is my favorite pack of solid food necessities

Dr. Brown Spoons: These are truly amazing.  Stay tuned for a review on these and a give away!

Wean Green glass cubes: Great for warming frozen homemade baby food

Bumpkins Bibs: These come is so many fun designs

Happy Baby Oatmeal: A favorite in our house


I love this new trend I have been seeing at baby showers of bringing the new parents a children’s book inscribed from your family instead of a card.  I love that idea and am going to start doing it with all my baby gifts.  I love when reading with my kids and remembering who the book was from and reading their words of well wishes is so much fun.  My favorite gift books;

Piggies in the Pumpkin Patch (written by my widely talented best friend!!)

Little Blue truck

Knuffle Bunny

Pool Your Resources

Many of the big-ticket items on a new mom’s registry are the most needed…and the most expensive.  If you have a few friends going to the shower, consider going in together to get some of the bigger items like a pack-n-play, high chair or carseat.  I promise the parents will be grateful.

Something JUST for mom

At a friend’s shower once, she opened a to-die-for Marc Jacobs purse, not a diaper bag, a purse, just for her.  The moment that baby is born, the world revolves around the new little bundle and all but forgets the mom.

An US Weekly, a gift certificate for a mani/pedi and a coffee card….Best.Gift.Ever.

Include a Gift Receipt

Getting organized for a new baby is a big on-going task.  Even if you bought the exact Diaper Genie she registered for, she may have been offered a used one from her neighbor later that day.  She TOTALLY appreciates you and the trouble you went through to pick out a gift for her and she loves you.  But make it easier on her to exchange your gift for diapers.

And the Minnie Mouse dress, yes, it is totally the cutest dress anyone has ever seen and I am SURE she won’t even think about returning it…but just in case.  Don’t make a 40-week pregnant woman run all over town trying to figure out where you bought it.

What are your favorite gifts to give?  What was your favorite gift you received at your shower?