Use this image or make on of your own and SHARE THE LOVE

About a week ago, I posted 10 minutes to change your life, and in it I suggested you leave a sticky note for someone as a surprise to show them how much you care.  Since my best friend lives 300 miles away, I took a picture of the sticky note and text it to her.


Take a few minutes to make someone smile!


She said it made her day!

So much so, that she posted the picture on her Facebook page and twitter and encouraged her friends and followers to borrow the image and pass it on to people they care about.

I saw it popping up in other friends pages all day, it was really cool!


The next day she posted this on my Facebook wall:

So easy to make someone's day!


And it made MY day!


So, lets all SHARE THE LOVE today.

Feel free to borrow any of these images and post them on your Facebook page, or email them to your friend on the other side of the country, or grab your own sticky note and leave a message on your kids mirror or in your husbands coat pocket.


Lets all make someone’s day today!!