Who would YOU be if you could go back to this time?

Guest Post by life coach, Sharon Lincoln, CPPC

I recently experienced my first parent-teacher conference.

Allow me preface this by saying my kid is 2 ½ years old. I went in expecting to be told all about his art projects and circle time and love of singing, but walked away with the knowledge that I have a fairly shy kid who prefers to play independently. I’m a very social person, so my first reaction was one of worry. Will he have friends? Is his behavior normal? Have I damaged him by being a full time working mom? And then my thoughts moved on to what steps I could take to make him be more socially interactive.
And then I stopped. What if I just let him be?

As a little guy, he has no care in the world what people think of him. If he wants to play by himself, he’s going to and thinks nothing of it. He feels no need to fit in, or be the life of the party. He’s happy observing and taking it all in at his own pace. He only eats when he’s hungry and stops when he is satisfied…period. He needs sleep, and is cranky without it so daily naps are a part of his routine. He finds pleasure in just being around the people he loves.

It’s the little things that make him happy…the car window open and wind in his hair, throwing rocks in the water, playing in the sand box.

Ask yourself this question:

What would life be like if you did what makes you happy without worrying about what other people expected of you?  If you were to strip away all of the years of becoming who you were told to become and could simply go back to being your most authentic self…

…who would YOU be?

Sharon Lincoln, CPCC is a certified personal and professional coach, working closely with women to reach their goals. Contact sharonlincoln5@gmail.com for a sample coaching session.