Happy Sunday Everyone!

We had a FULL week here at BUMP Life!

Are you headed to a baby shower soon?  This post is all about my Go To Baby Shower Gifts.  I heard some great suggestions from all of you too!  The Sleep Sheep, The Twilight Turtle, not too many blankets, and Sophie the Giraffe we’re popular among the BUMP life community.

Speaking of our great BUMP Life community, it is Be Nice on The Internet Week.  I think it is so important for us moms to build a community online that is supportive and caring, even when we disagree.

A perfect example of this is the uproar that a recent episode of Anderson Cooper’s talk show created when his guest, a working mom, said stay at home mom’s are “lazy.”

Anderson is joined by a panel of moms who discuss the controversial new study that says moms with jobs outside the home are healthier and happier, and debate the issue of who is actually happier. Also, Anderson speaks with a mom who works outside the home who shares her extreme point of view, claiming that moms who stay at home are “lazy.”

This lead to lots of mommy bloggers talking about “mommy wars” and how it is the media pitting us against each other, not building support.  My favorite quote is from Alice Bradley of Finslippy

Without any kind of infrastructure in place to allow women to be parents and also have lives, we have to jury-rig our lives and hope that the whole thing doesn’t come crashing down. And then while we’re trying to negotiate this insane situation the media comes along and whispers, “Psst. Stay at home moms think you’re selfish,” or, “Guess what? This working mom called you lazy.”

And in honor of supporting moms, dads, kids, and best friends ALL over the internet and in your own house.  I made this sticky note for Wordless Wednesday: Share the Love! It got passed around between friends on facebook and in text messages…then I left the real thing in my husbands gym bag 🙂

Always a reader favorite, Life Coach Sharon Lincoln was back with us this week talking about the Art of Authenticity.  She points out how true to themselves our young children are, and how we could take a lesson from them!

And if you need some musical motivation, for a workout or anything else, check out this iMix out!!

Thanks for joining us this week!