Ahh…beautiful Sunday afternoon, two sleeping kids, a clean kitchen (thanks to the hubby) a stocked fridge after a trip to the Farmer’s Market…life is good!


The year of the Dragon is going to be a GREAT year!

AND according to Chinese Astrology this is going to be an exciting year!  I am looking forward to the big ideas and ambitions this year brings.  You can read more about the Year of the Dragon here.


I’d love to hear what your big goals and plans are for this year too!  And what can the BUMP life community do to help you reach those goals?



What fills YOUR cup?

In fact, one of my goals here at BUMP Life is to give busy moms more tips and tricks to help them master their lives and really hit their stride after kids.  Starting with these weekly 10-minute challenges.  We are all so busy, that making any change in our life can seem overwhelming.  I have realized, after feeling pretty overwhelmed myself, that there is a lot you can do in just 10 minutes that makes you feel better and helps you build momentum to make bigger changes.  Check out this weeks 10 minutes to change your life  all about Filling YOUR Cup





Fun weekend with the Family

One thing that fills my cup is spending time with my family.  We got away for a long weekend to the beautiful San Diego last weekend, check out more about it and how Traveling Along with Two Kids went here







I LOVE when members of the BUMP life community reach out to ask questions or offer their own advice.  A fitness friend of mine had a question about Baby Weight vs Extra Weight and what was the difference.  Read that answer here!




Because I was away last weekend, I didn’t get to a wrap up last week.  In fact, I didn’t write too much last week.  Maybe it was because I was traumatized by a CRAZY temper tantrum Monday night!!  How do you handle temper tantrums?



I am so excited for next week here at BUMP life.  I am finally going to fulfill another goal here and start posting more video blogs as well as written ones.  The first one is coming tomorrow and it is all about Newborn Essentials shot inside Babies R Us while other shoppers thought I was clearly crazy talking to my phone in the aisle!


And more video’s to come, including product reviews, exercise demos and answers to YOUR questions!  So let me know what YOU would like to see here and feel free to share this site with your friends and community.  Also, we have some fun GIVEAWAYS coming up too!!


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!