Sometimes buying flowers for yourself can turn your day around


I had kind of a bad day today. Not for any particular reason, but just a lot on my mind (I am sure some blog posts will follow).  And not bad bad, but just kind of a blah day.


But while at the grocery store, I saw a small bouquet of my favorite purple call lilies…and they made me smile. So they came home with me.


Here are a few other things that can always turn my blah days around (and I did everyone of these today)


1.  A phone call with my best friend

2.  An episode of Gossip Girls

3.  A second latte

4.  Fresh Air

5.  Baby snuggles

6.  Buying flowers for someone else

7.  A talk with my mom

8.  A kiss from my husband

9.  A hot shower

10.  Early bedtime (going to do this one right now!)


Here’s to a better mood tomorrow!

What are your tricks to a sunnier attitude??