Its a little late in the day for our Friday Fit Tip….but its still Friday!!  And if I have learned one thing while being a parent, sometimes you just have to fit things in where you can!


Which is perfect for todays fit tip.


Today’s tip actually comes from one of my personal training clients.  She is trying to teach her 3.5 year old to fall asleep more independently, as he had gotten used to her lying down with him at night until he falls asleep.


She made a deal with him that she would sit on the floor next to his bed while he falls asleep and guess what she does while she is sitting there????




She goes through a seated ab series that we do in our workout*, it takes about 5-10 minutes.  If he is not asleep, she does a few stretches.


He now says at night, “mommy, stay and do your exercises until I fall asleep”


She told me that in just a week of doing these exercises every night, she feels stronger and can do more repetitions.


I was so proud…


So fitness really is where you find it.  Where can you find 5 minutes for yourself and your health?  I know I’ll be re-examining my daily routine too!


(**Stay tuned and I’ll post the ab routine that she does at night!)