Holy Cow!!

The stomach flu hit our house this week and knocked us all for a loop.  Needless to say not much got done this week other than laundry, movie watching and bleaching door handles.

So this is a quick wrap up, since I didn’t get to write much.

A Closer Look At A Nanny Share

Childcare is always a tricky topic.  There are so many options, and so many emotions that go along with finding someone else to care for your child.  We are in a nanny share and it is working out really well.  Here is a closer look at a nanny share.

Fit Tip Friday- Multitasking

I was so inspired by one of my clients this week.  She incorporated her own abdominal exercises into her son’s bedtime routine.  Now that is Multitasking

So thats about it for this week.  If you missed this video on Facebook, you have to check it out.

Sh*t Urban Moms Say

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See you all next week!