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Hello Bump Life Readers!


The Trendiest Kids on the Blog is looking for guest bloggers and I’d love to join their team.  So here is a little more about me, BUMP Life and why I think I’d be a good fit for their blog.


As a personal trainer who specializes in pre and postnatal fitness, I have spent my career helping moms be healthy and fit.  But what I loved most about working with my clients is the conversations about REAL issues that we talk about between bicep curls.


When I had my son, Brady, in 2008 I realized how much bigger this conversation was than fitness.  Fitness is important but so was everything else.  Especially the sense of community, the sense of a good friend, that person you can text and say “I’m having a hard time with this parenting thing” or “what bottles did you baby use?”


I realized that by sharing stories, we all felt better about the job we were doing as parents.
When my daughter was born, I needed a community even more.


So, I started blogging.


I want BUMP life to be that friend, that community. I want it to be a hub of information.  I want to help moms navigate the waters of parenting and not feel like they are alone.


A checklist for the hospital, got it.  How to prevent leaky diapers, yup!  A story about my kid throwing a temper tantrum just like yours….yeah he does.  A video review of my favorite baby spoons (with a demo by my lovely assistant baby Rylan)…coming this Saturday!


I think writing for Trendiest Kids on the Blog would be a great opportunity for me as a newbie blogger and a whole lot of fun!!  I love to share information with my mommy community and I would love to share information with the Trendiest Kids on the Blog community too!!


After all, we are all in the BUMP life together!


So be sure to check out their site, Trendiest Kids on the Blog, you’ll get some great information on kids products and who knows….maybe you’ll see me over there soon!


Come learn more about me and join the conversation at:

twitter: @bump_life



Megan Flatt

San Francisco Bay Area, California

Mom to Brady, 3.5 and Rylan, 1 (next week!)