Last week’s Friday Fit Tip was all about multitasking.  I told you about my client who was finding time for fitness by doing her abdominal exercises sitting on her son’s bedroom floor while he falls asleep at night.  Brilliant!

So we thought we’d show you the four exercises that she does at night.

Seated Abdominal Series

Exercise #1: Heel Lifts

Starting position for all of the exercises in the series

Sit reclining back just until you feel some tension on your abs, but no back strain.  Pull your belly button into your spine, don’t let your abs push out.  Balance on heels.  Hold arms out straight in front of you (keep shoulders down).

Lift one leg up at a time. Maintain stability in your core though out the exercise.

Lift one heel at a time while maintaining core stability

Exercise #2: Seated twists

Start from the same reclined position, rotate to the side

Start in the same position as above.  Twist upper body moving hands(like you’re holding a ball) from hip to hip.

Maintain the recline and rotate to the other side

Exercise #3:  Arms Over Head

Draw your abs in!

Begin again from the reclined position.  Abs engaged.  Start with arms straight out in front of you and slowly raise them over your head and return to the starting position.  Your body does not move.

Bring arms over head slowly.

Exercise #4:  Triceps Dips

Still maintain abdominal engagement, even during arm exercises

Sit in same reclined position, abs still engaged.  Put hands on floor behind you, fingers pointing towards your body.  Bend your elbows and lower your upper body down.  Pull your abs in and push back to start position with your hands.

Lower your body down, keep belly button drawn in to spine

Do as many repetition of the above exercises as you can while maintaining good form and keeping peace in your house.  If you do 10 of each, or 30 of each, you’ll be fitting in fitness into your busy life!  You can do these exercises anywhere, any time.  As part of your kids bedtime routines, while you watch TV, on vacation or first thing in the morning.  The most important part is that you do them!

*special thanks to my lovely client, Amanda,  for being my model (and my inspiration for this post!)