Checking out sister

On Saturday, the “baby” will turn 1 year old.  All the cliches are true, I can’t believe it has been a year, I can’t believe how small she was, etc, etc.


I have loved watching her grow up over the last year.  All the milestones; rolling over, scooting backwards across the floor, the first wobbly steps (yes!  She is already walking, before 1!) and she just started mimicking sounds.


What I have really loved, is watching the relationship between brother and sister bloom.  Sure, he “accidentally” knocks her down and won’t let her hold any of his toys, even if he is not playing with them, but for the most part, he is really sweet with her.


She is starting to want to interact with him and making sounds that mean his name.


I love that they make each other laugh and hold hands in the back seat and tonight at dinner, he shared his cracker.


They say no other relationship shapes the person you become more than that with your sibling and I am so excited to she who they become with each other as their guide.


I'll picture this when they are screaming at each other in a few years