Sleeping like a baby? What about mom?

For the last three and a half years its seems than large portions of my day (and night) are filled with 3 topics in regards to my children;

1)   Sleeping

2)   Eating

3)   Pooping

You know, questions like; are they eating enough? Is breastfeeding working? What time are they going to nap?  How long will they sleep?  Did they eat their veggies?  Are they eating too much sugar?  Was that a normal poopy diaper?  When should we potty train?  How should we potty train?  Should we sleep train?  And on and on and on….

And at some point or another I have or will write a blog post on each of these topics…over and over again.

Today, we are talking about sleeping…or lack there of.

I am very lucky to have 2 pretty amazing sleepers.  With Brady, we followed a ‘sleep training’ plan at around 4 months and he got the hang of it in about 4 nights and basically was sleeping though the night at that point.  Rylan, was even easier, she never really even needed to be sleep trained, she just sort of figured it out on her own.

Now before you throw something at your computer screen or ‘unlike’ my blog, let me tell you that I was woken up no less than SEVEN times last night.

My main point of this post is to public admit that even if your kids are so-called great sleepers…as a parent, I don’t think I will ever get a full night sleep. ever. again.

Here was our night last night:

10:15– finally put down my book and turned off the light, closed eyes

10:35– Brady crying- he’s been having some sort of nightmares, which are apparently common at this age.  I went in and he had turned him self sideways in bed and was moaning “he didn’t like that.”  I got him repositions, recovered, gave him his ‘lovies’ and he was back to sleep

10:48– More crying- This time dad went to check on him to find he’d kicked off all his covers.  Recovered, and everyone was back to bed

11:15-Hysterical crying-This time he was sobbing that he ‘couldn’t find Uncle Adam,’  But he was hysterical and couldn’t be consoled.  We tried a trip to the potty, we tried back rubs, we tried holding him, we tried not holding him (he was kicking a flailing quite a bit).  Finally after 45 minutes, a sippy cup of milk, looking at photos on dad’s phone, he settled down and went back to sleep.

2:57-Noises from the baby’s room- listen for a few minutes to see if they escalate, they don’t, so I turn the monitor down and roll over.

4:28-Dog snoring.  And if you know anything about Boston Terriers, you know that she was probably keeping the neighbors awake with that mac truck snore.

5:33– EARTHQUAKE!!  I’m not even kidding…we had a freaking earthquake at 5:33am.  Yeah, yeah, I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and we get these little (4.0) earthquakes.  But this might have been the first one I have felt since having two kids and the in the middle of the night, I just laid there waiting for the big one to hit and planning how I would get to both of my kids.

6:00– Husband gets up to go walk the dog

6:25– The baby is up for the morning and my day has begun.

Now this was a particularly crazy night, but it seems like every night there is something.  A 3 year old needing help getting to the potty, a baby having a fluke night and needing 2 hours of rocking to get back to sleep, a dog defending the backyard from some unseen threat with non-stop barking, the neighbors returning from a night out a little too loudly, a random text message beep,  a restless mind turning all the next days to-dos,  a clock ticking way louder than I have ever noticed during the day…

So, that elusive “sleeping through the night” that parents are always striving for??  Nobody told me getting the kids to sleep through the night was WAY easier than getting mom to.