Rain, rain go away…..

Its raining today and it is supposed to rain for the next week or so.  As much as I know we need the rain (its been such a dry winter), I can’t help but think wishfully for the rain to stop.  Rain and kids are a big hassle, wet clothes, not park to burn energy, mud tracked through the house, getting poked with an umbrella…

But at least once a rain storm, I try to let me son go crazy in the puddles.  He puts on his fireman rain boots and his jacket and jumps in puddles until he is so wet we have to strip his dripping clothes of him on the door step and wrap him is cozy blankets with hot chocolate to warm up.

He reminds me how sometimes even the big hassles in life can be enjoyable if met with the right attitude.

I promised him after school today, he could jump in all the puddles he could find.

Maybe today, I’ll have to join him.