This post marks the 100th article I have shared with you, the Bump Life community.  And the fact that this also marks my 9 months in the blogging world, somehow also seems very fitting.

To write this post, I went back to the beginning and re-read my very first post.  It is still one of my favorites and still brought a little tear to my eye to remember where I was 9 months ago, how far I’ve come, and how I am still in the same place in so many ways.  In fact, I am quite literally sitting in the same coffee shop I sat in to write that first post and I still question my parenting decisions on a daily, if not hourly, basis.

I don’t think I am the only one who hopes they are making good decisions when it comes to raising her children.

In another early post I talked about parenting being this weird, isolating club.   There may be millions of women in this club with us, but at times, we feel so alone, like we are the only person who has ever struggled with whatever we are struggling with at the moment.

As parents and as moms specifically, it is so easy to feel judged by others for the choices you make as a parent.  And if judgment from the outside wasn’t hard enough, usually the toughest critic of our parenting decisions is ourselves.  Mother guilt is an ugly monster that rears its head, even when you least expect it.

But through writing these posts, I hope to provide education without judgment.

Bump Life, for me, has been about talking about the hard parts of parenting and sharing successes .  It has been about discussing topics and weighing out choices.  But most of all, I hope bump life has been about realizing there are many right choices out there and the choice you make for you and your family is the best possible decision.

Breastfeeding? Potty training?  Co-sleeping?  YOU are doing it right.  Having a hard time with something??  Someone else is having the EXACT same problem.

A dear friend of mine wrote a beautiful essay about finally feeling connected to her newborn daughter after three and a half weeks of life.  They struggled with breast-feeding and when she found out her daughter was not getting enough milk and was losing weight she said;

“Discovering this on day four of her life was a tremendous blow for me. I felt guilt, shame, and sadness, creating a further disconnect as I felt I had failed in my role of sustaining her.”

I wanted to reach through the computer and give her a big hug and tell her she is a wonderful mother.  I felt a bit of guilt as a fellow mother and a member of this community for not helping her more to see that she was not failing.

This is what I am here to tell you.


So what’s next??

What is the next parenting hurdle we will have to jump over?  I have no clue., but we’ll talk about it here.

What is next for me and for Bump Life?  Well, if these first 9 months have been Bump Life’s “pregnancy”, than I am SO excited for the next phase- “birth”

Bringing this little thing out into the world and watching it grow and change and become its own little being.

I have so much planned for this little one.  From a new design and layout, to lots more posts, more videos and more guest experts.  And new additions like downloads, webinars and newsletters.

Most of all, for my 100th post, I want to thank you.  Thank you for being MY community, for being my sounding board, for being the voice that tells me and tells each other; “we are all in this together”

In those early days of parenting two kids, I found I had lost my groove a bit.  Starting Bump Life has helped me find my mommy groove and I hope it has helped you find yours.

here’s too the next 100 posts….