Clean your space, clean your thoughts

Guest Post By Sharon Lincoln

As Spring time rolls around and you are cleaning out the house, how about spending some time cleaning out some old thoughts as well? Did you know that your thoughts create your feelings?

How often do you find yourself saying things like:

  • I’m not skinny enough?
  • I’m a bad mom for working/not working/being too impatient/scattered etc.
  • I’m being selfish if I take more time for myself

It  is easy to default to negative thoughts about ourselves as old habits tend to die hard. Often these thoughts lead to negative results and behaviors. After awhile we simply start to believe what we think even if there is no real truth behind it.

This month as you are doing your spring cleaning, take the time to clear out some of the negative thoughts about yourself as well. Try this exercise:

Write down on a piece of paper all of your negative thoughts in one column. Next to the negative thought, write the opposite. For example, instead of I’m not good enough, try “I did my best” or “I’ll never lose weight” to “I ate a healthy breakfast that will help contribute to my weight loss goals.”

By being your own advocate you are creating new thought patterns. New thought patterns create new behaviors. This month, make the commitment to eliminate negative self talk from your vocabulary and become your own advocate!

Sharon Lincoln CPCC is a Certified Personal and Professional Coach and lives in Tiburon, Ca. She is a mom to a preschooler, Ethan and baby girl Maya and can be reached at