About BUMP Life

Bump Life is an offshoot of the prenatal fitness company, Bump Fitness. Bump Fitness was founded in 2003 to help women workout in a safe and healthy way during and after their pregnancies and after. We soon realized that there are so many ways we parents need support before and after the birth of their children. But what started as a way to support moms and moms-to-be in their fitness endeavors, is now growing into a way to support moms and their families across all aspects of our lives.

Where BUMP Fitness was about healthy exercise for women, Bump Life is for everything else. And everyone else.

BUMP Life is for moms, and dads, and grandparents and parents-to-be and anyone else who has passion for families.

So Welcome to Your BUMP Life!

Got a great tip to get your kid to eat veggies? Share it!  Need some ideas for your 3 year olds birthday theme? Find it here.  Wondering how you are going to pay for college? Ask our experts.  Are you sitting behind your locked bathroom door while your kids scream in the other room?  Read some funny stories here, take a deep breath and get back out there.

Welcome to BUMP Life, for everything babies and beyond!

About Megan

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Hi Everyone!  I am a personal trainer, a writer, a national fitness presenter and a mom of two adorable, but wild children.  I began my fitness career at 18 as a water aerobics instructor, a fitness genre that naturally attracts pregnant women.  Not knowing ANYTHING about pregnancy, but wanting to advise my clients on the safest most effective ways to work out, I started doing research on prenatal fitness and pregnancy in general.  I became absolutely fascinated with what the female body does to bring a baby into the world and I soon found myself immersed (pardon the pun) in the world of prenatal fitness.   I began leading successful pre and postnatal fitness classes and with in a few years I was traveling the country training other fitness professionals on how to work with their own pre and postnatal clientele.  One of my proudest accomplishments through my fitness career has been to co-author the training manual for Oh Baby! Fitness, a prenatal fitness company out of Atlanta, Georgia (www.ohbabyfitness.com).

In 2003, I founded BUMP Fitness, a company to promote healthy moms and happy babies.  I started BUMP Fitness to support moms to get fit, but when leaving the gym one day a few years later, I saw two of my former pregnant clients sitting by the pool chatting while their toddlers played together in the pool.  They told me the whole class of 6 women (and their kids) from that prenatal fitness class, still meet on a weekly basis together.  I realized, in that moment, that I was not only teaching woman how to exercise safely, but I was helping to create friendships, build a community, share information and support moms far beyond proper bicep curl technique.

Through my years of working with moms, I have become connected with many experts in the world of parenting.  Sleep consultants, child  psychologists, teachers, financial planners, family photographers, life coaches, and many more who will be here to share their wisdom with us.

Especially now, as a mother myself, I see how important a community of moms is for the health and well being of entire families and whole communities.  In a world that sometimes is overwhelming with “keeping up with the Joneses,” I want to promote the “it takes a village” mentality.

We’re all in this BUMP Life together.


What to chat more??  Email me at meganflatt@gmail.com