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The Single Bob revolution loaded with an infant seat, preschooler, diaper bag, camera, lunch box…

While pushing both my kids through Babies R Us the other day, a very pregnant woman eyed my stroller set up.

Notice I did not say, “admired,” in fact, I think she was horrified.

The baby was in her infant car seat snapped on to the stroller seat and my 3 year old perched precariously on the foot rest of the stroller while the mountain of purchases were balanced on the handle bar.

I’m sure she was either judging my parenting skills or rethinking parenting all together!

She asked me how I liked my stroller and if it was ‘meant’ for two kids (see, judging).  So I launched into my stroller dissertation.  Picking out the best stroller is a huge decision, right up there with choosing your baby’s name and 529 saving plan.

Through my pre-baby years of working with moms, many of them told me I would need more than one stroller.  But that seemed silly to me.  With my first, I purchased an expensive, celebrity-worthy stroller, because I was sure that it was going to be the only stroller I needed, therefore justify the cost.  But I found those moms before me were right; you really do need more than one stroller.

In my opinion, most parents will need strollers for the following purposes

  1. A stroller the infant seat* will snap into
  2. A good everyday stroller with ample storage underneath
  3. A small, light weight stroller for quick trips and travel
  4. A jog stroller for actually running or for long walks, hikes, beach etc
  5. An double stroller or an option for another child if you are planning on one

Now before your husband freaks out, you do not need five strollers.  Many strollers will fulfill 2 or 3 of these purposes.  But I just don’t think there is a stroller out there that does all of these things, or at least not well.

*When your baby is an infant, they fall asleep a lot in the car.  If you choose to get an infant car seat (which I recommend for exactly this reason) you can take the whole car seat out and snap it into your stroller when you get to your destination and the babe can stay asleep.

Below are a few of my favorite strollers and which role above they will fulfill


 Snap-n-Go: Snap-n-go is a name kinda like Kleenex, it is actually the name of the Graco stroller that the infant seat fits into.  But many brands make this basic frame, Kidcraft, Babytrend, even McClaren.

Price: Ave Online Price $50. These are relatively inexpensive new, but are also great to find used, because you don’t need it for too long (maybe 6 months), and since most moms only use if for the same time period, its likely to be in good shape. Or ask your circle if anyone has one to borrow.

Graco SnugRider Infant Car Seat Stroller Frame


Brady and Keaton in the Double Bob Revolution

Bob Revolution 1, 2, 4:  I LOVE my bob.  Personally, I wish I had started with this one from the beginning.  With the optional infant bar, you can snap most infant car seats on to the frame.  It has a swivel front wheel to allow for easy maneuvering in stores, the zoo, neighborhood walks, etc.  The front wheel also locks making it a true jog stroller, so you can run with it safely as well.

Price: Ave Online Price $450.  You can find them used (mine is), but these are incredibly popular strollers that seem to hold their value well, so if you do decide to invest in a new one, you will use it for years, and then can resell it for a large percentage of what you paid for it.

BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller, Black

Fixed Wheel Jogger 1, 4: If you are an avid runner, I recommend getting a fixed wheel jogger.  They are hard to maneuver (like through a store) but are smooth and fast on the road.  You will definitely need an everyday stroller as well as this one is designed just for straight-aways

They are less expensive than the “revolution” style above and can easily be found used.  Make sure to check the breaking mechanism and wheel attachment on any used one you purchase.  Most bike shops can tune up jog strollers as well.


Travel System Stroller 1,2: If you don’t need a jog style stroller, have a big enough cargo space in your vehicle and don’t need a super small umbrella style stroller for travel, this stroller could be your only stroller.

Each brand makes a version of these.  Basically it is a full stroller that the corresponding car seat also fits into.  Sometimes, it is sold as a set with the infant seat.  I like the Graco travel system (my sister used this one), I also like the Peg Pergo, Chicco and Britex version.  My advice would be to make a decision about what car seat you want, then get the corresponding stroller.

Price:  Ave Online Price: $140 (infant seat and stroller)
Graco Spree Travel System, Barcelona Bluegrass
Chicco Cortina Keyfit 30 Travel System, Miro

Convertible Stroller 1,2,5

Baby Brady in the Bugaboo

Higher end strollers like the Bugaboo, Quinny, Uppa Baby, City Select, Orbit, Phil & Ted have more bells and whistles and will definitely help you keep up with the Jones.   They also make a lot of sense depending on what you need in a stroller.  Most of them have an infant car seat attachment.  Many of them come with a bassinet type option as well as the basic chair.  They tend to come in more fabric choices, have smooth rides, adjustable handle bars (for different height parents).  One of the biggest feature for me would be the that many of these brands have the option to add a second seat for baby #2 (city select, uppa baby, phil and ted.)  If I had of chosen one of these strollers in the beginning (I had a bugaboo for a while which is one of the ones that doesn’t have a second seat), I would have been able to add the second seat when #2 arrived, instead of purchasing a whole new stroller to accommodate 2 kids.

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller, Cole/Slate
Phil and Teds Dash With Doubles Kit – Black Free Shipping


Rylan trying out the umbrella stroller

Umbrella Stroller  2,3:  Umbrella strollers are lightweight, easily fold up compactly, and are perfect for quick trips to the store or for travel.  They can range in price from $10 for a super base line, no bells and whistle version to $300 dollars for features like reclining backs, padded seats, sunshades, extending handle bars.  Your child has to be able to sit up basically on hi own before you can use this type.

Maclaren Triumph Stroller, Charcoal/Silver

Megan’s Personal Stroller History:

  1. Bugaboo with infant attachment- purchased used before #1 was born, sold after about a year.  Loved the stroller, but hated how hard it was to fold for the back of the car.
  2. McClaren Techno Umbrella stroller- Bought new with #1 was 9 months, great for Disneyland and used it exclusively between year 1-2.  In rafters waiting for #2 to fit in it.
  3. Chicco Umbrella Stroller- Very used hand me down from a friend- Left it at the house for the babysitter to use for walks to the park, so I didn’t have to keep taking the other one in and out of my car.
  4. Bob Revolution single- purchased used when #1 was about 2 years old, use it on a very regular basis.  Added infant bar for #2.  This is what both kids were riding on at Babies R Us J
  5. Baby Trend Infant Carrier- Given to me when #1 was born, but never used.  NOW use it all the time with #2
  6. Double Bob Revolution- Purchased last year’s model new, when #2 was born.  Use it on trips with both kids places like the zoo, Marine World, or on long walks/jogs, sometimes farmer’s market.

Humm….remember how I started off saying you didn’t need 5 strollers?  Well, now that I think about it, I guess I have 5 strollers after all….shoot.


I need to put together an emergency box.

I know, I know, I live in earthquake country and I have two small children.  I will, I promise.

But I do have an, emergency box of sorts in my car that gets a regular workout.  We’re not talking flares and matches, but this is the emergency kids supply bag.  I started this box in my car when I was out with my then infant son and he had a complete blowout and I realized I had never restocked his change of clothes in my bag, didn’t have enough wipes and had no blanket or anything else.  I cleaned him (kind of) with a crumpled napkin, put him back in his carseat, draped a burp cloth over his naked body and drove home in tears.

Now I keep a box in the back of my car with “just incase” supplies and I use items from this box ALL. THE. TIME.

  • Diapers: If you have an infant, remember to change the size of the diapers in your emergency box when they grow out of a size. You don’t want to have a diaper emergency with your 18 month old and realize you only have newborn diapers.
  • Potty Chair:  We are still newly potty trained in our house and knowing there is a potty in the back of our car just takes a little of the stress off our outings.  No frantic running to find a public bathroom or getting stuck at the park with no bathroom.  We know we can always go back to the car, or try before we go somewhere.
  • Wipes: A full sealable container- these wipes get used for a lot more than diaper changes, chocolaty hands, sandy feet and goopy car seats.
  • Changing Pad: I use a large waterproof ‘lap’ pad, or the pad that came with your diaper bag
  • Ziplock bags and a few plastic grocery bags: Bags seem to come in handy to contain all sorts of things; diapers, dirty clothes, beach collections…
  • Change of clothes: A full change of clothes for each kid and at least a tshirt for you (you’ll be thankful for it when you yank your vomiting child out of his car seat on the side of the road 20 minutes into a 4 hour car ride).  I also keep a pair of my preschoolers pjs in car for those times dinner at the in-laws runs a little late and we can just have him ready for bed before we even get home.
  • A travel roll of Paper towels
  • Wash clothes, burp clothes, bibs
  • An extra blanket: I have 2 of the hospital flannel receiving blankets.  They fold up small and again can be used as anything from a changing station, to cover a wet carseat, as a towel after an unexpected splash-fest, or of course as an actual blanket.
  • Emergency Feeding Items: Think of things that you know your kids like in case you are stuck in Tahoe traffic past dinner time, or decide to stay out longer than you planned; think Stable snack items: such as applesauce ‘crushers’, trail mix, jar of baby food, crackers etc, juice box, a few bottles of water, self contained powdered or premixed formula (if you’re using).
  • A bottle, a sippy cup, a few disposable bowls (for doling out unexpected snacks)
  • Warm hats and sun hats
  • Bubble soap, a sand toy shovel or a plastic truck: Just in case

Ok, earthquake kit next….

Much to the chagrin of my husband I am sure, I realized after the birth of my second child that I really did need two diaper bags (or 3 or 4, but don’t tell him that).  And I also realized it is worth it to me to have duplicates of a lot of the contents of the diaper bags so that both bags are always almost packed.

Now, if you have been a mom for more than about five minutes, you’ve no doubt figured out what you need in your bag, but I love to have a list anyway.  So with my often-scattered new-mom brain, I can scan the list and make sure I don’t leave a key item out.  Also, my list helps jog my memory if something needs to be restocked.

The Contents of My Diaper Bag

  • Diapers: 3-4 for my infant daughter who needs more frequent diaper changes. We are currently potty training my son (post about this fun task to come)
  • Wipes-Travel size pack
  • Changing Pad– I like to carry a disposable one, so if it ends up disgusting, it doesn’t have to come home. Plus, it takes up less room in the bag than a padded one most bags come with.

(I keep the above 3 items in their own mesh bag, so I can grab it and head into the bathroom or better yet, hand the mesh bag and poopy kid to my husband!)

  • Empty plastic bags– These not only can contain dirty diapers if you aren’t near a trash can, but can also hold soiled clothes, trash from your picnic, or your toddler’s rock collection that he insists on bringing home with him.
  • Hats– Warm and Sun protection for the baby, Baseball hat for my son
  • Change of clothes: I usually keep a pair of light weight pjs for the baby in my bag.  If she has a blow out, pjs are a fine replacement outfit, and I don’t have to worry about keeping track of a top, pants and socks in my bag. And, because we are potty training the older one, I now have to carry a few extra pairs of Buzz Lightyear underwear and pants
  • Sunscreen– I just leave it in my bag all the time, especially in Northern California, you never know when the sun will come out, or when you’ll decide to stop at the park while out running errands.
  • Small Blanket:  I rolled a small flannel (carters, I think) blanket really tightly and put it in the very bottom of my bag.  This is the emergency blanket if you forget one, or the one you brought falls out of the stroller into a puddle and you run it over (done this!).  I am surprised how often I use my back up blanket.
  • Nursing Pads: I am forever leaving my nursing pad the last place I fed my daughter.  Have a few extra in your bag.  And while we’re at it, if you still need them, make sure you have a few pads or panty liners in your diaper bag too.
  • Nursing Cover: If you use one. I find them to be a bit cumbersome and usually fall into the “fine with nursing in public” camp.  If I feel the need to cover up, I use the blanket, one less thing to carry.
  • Bottle/Formula: I love the shelf stable on-the-go formula bottles.  I can just stick on in my bag and not worry about pouring, mixing, getting water etc.
  • Mom’s Supplies: A mesh bag with hair ties, emery board, hand lotion, chapstick, gum, advil, tums, colgate wisp disposable toothbrush (for those new-mom mornings when you just aren’t sure when you last brushed your teeth) and what ever else you might need to help you feel human.
  • Essential Make up: If your infant is screaming and you need to get the car nap started or if you preschooler constantly interrupts your morning routine, a few key make up pieces in your bag (mine is a powder compact, lip gloss and mascara) can help you feel a little more pulled together when you reach your destination.
  • A Luna Bar: Or meal replacement snack of choice.  Much like make up, I often run out the door to get everyone where they need to be with out eating (or eating enough).  Having a bar already stashed can be a lifesaver.
  •  A Few Bribes: Need to run to the bank or the post office after preschool pick up?  A bag of Annie’s Gummy Bunnies, and a Thomas the Train can be just enough to get in and out with out a melt down.
  • Hand Sanitizer gel or wipes: Put this is an outside pocket so you can grab it easily.  I like the wipes because they can sanitize hands as well as shopping cart handles and they are less likely to leak in your bag than the gel.
  • Pacifier:  Even if you don’t normally use one, you’d be surprised what you (and your baby) will try when the screaming just won’t stop.
  • Pack of Tissues: another mother staple, someone ALWAYS has a runny nose

Diaper Bag #2 : The All Day Family Affair

When I have both kids with me and we are going somewhere for most of the day, like the zoo or train town, we just need more stuff.  I have a larger diaper bag (actually a roxy tote bag I bought at a surf shop in Hawaii on our “babymoon”) that I keep packed with duplicates of every thing above.  Now, you absolutely can move everything from one bag to another, but really one quick trip to target and you’ll be one step closer to getting out the door in time to see the penguin feeding at 10:15.

Then, I add the following;

  • More Diapers
  • Extra clothing layers for each kid and mom
  • Lunch or more extensive snacks, including better adult snacks
  • Hat or visor for mom
  • Large water bottle with ice that we can refill all day
  • Camera

Diaper Bag #3: Formerly know as your purse

I keep the following things in a small purse all the time ready to go (small, because if you have to hoist around a piece of luggage most days, small is refreshing!).  If I have the chance to run to the grocery store by myself (ah, the luxury) or my preschooler and I are going to go get donuts one morning, I don’t have to bring my whole diaper bag and I don’t have to scramble around to put a purse together.  I just have to add my wallet and my phone and I’m out the door!

  • Travel Wipes: Because a mom always needs these
  • Diaper: One for each kid, just in case
  • A small notebook and a Pen: You may actually be able to jot down the next big idea if you are away from your constantly talking kids long enough to hear yourself think!
  • Duplicates of the “Moms Essentials and Make-up Essentials” above:
  • Your Wallet: Nothing like getting to the checkout line at the grocery store and realizing your wallet is in your diaper bag at home
  • Emergency $20: Because at some point you will leave your wallet in your diaper bag, and at least you can go buy yourself a latte and an Us Weekly.

    Brady on a donut date with mom

If I’ve learned one thing in the few month I’ve been a mom of two, its that the more prepared I am, the more smoothly things go, the faster we get out of the house, AND the fewer melt downs for everyone (mostly mom).

I don’t really mean steal, these are things you are completely allowed to take home.  And, I’m sorry, did you see the itemized bill from the hospital?!?!  Take a package of pampers!  And if you brought your nurses bagels (see my previous post), they just might bring you a few extra packs of diapers and wipes!  On top of that, most of the products are samples from the companies anyway.  Baby companies want your business and what better way to get it than to get you used to their products while you are in the hospital.  Companies supply hospitals with formula, diapers, bottles, even diaper bags to give out to their patients in hopes you will become a loyal customer to their brand.  So don’t feel bad about taking their products.  If you feel unsure or uncomfortable about what to take, just ask your nurse!  Here are my suggestions for what to make sure goes home with you.

  1. Bulb syringe-The snot sucker from the hospital seems to work better than anything you can buy.
  2. Swaddle Blankets– These blankets seem to be the perfect size for effective swaddling.  Plus, I find they are really good multi purpose blankets for later on.  They are flannel and can double as a changing pad cover or even a towel in a pinch.  I keep a few in my car!
  3. Diapers and Wipes- Diapers are expensive, so I say, take all the help you can get.  One free pack of diapers will fund your new-mom coffee habit for those first few sleep deprived days.   Also, both of my kids started out in preemie diapers.  The pack I got from the hospital got me through until they were big enough for the newborn diapers I already had at home.
  4. Mesh panties, pads and ice packs- Lets face it, your nether region goes through some trauma bringing your baby into the world.  The hospital will provide you with all the supplies you need to help you feel better and more comfortable.  Take them with you and ask for extras so you don’t have to run out to the drugstore once you’re home.
  5. Squirt bottle /Peri bottle- Along the same lines as above, wiping is a bit uncomfortable at first and it is recommended you use a squirt bottle to rinse yourself off in the beginning.  And later your toddler will love to play with the squirt bottle in the bathtub!
  6. Baby t-shirts- These little half shirts are perfect for the first few days of constant diaper changes and waiting for the umbilical cord to heal.  Plus, hang on to one for the keepsake box, in a few months you’ll never believe your baby was so small!
  7. Pacifiers- Like the bulb syringe, there is something magical about the binkies in the hospital.  Even if you don’t think you want to use a pacifier with your baby, throw that sucker (pun intended) in your going home bag, ‘cuz you never know.
  8. Breast Pump Parts- If you use the hospital grade pump during your stay, you will be provided your own set of tubes and flanges.  Bring those home, because they will most likely be compatible with your breast pump at home and it is nice to have an extra set.  Even if you don’t use the pump in the hospital, check your ‘supply drawer’ the extra set may be in there.
  9. First Aid supplies for you and baby– If you have had a c-section or your little boy was circumcised, there will be some post hospital wound care required.  My nurse sent me home with enough gauze and Vaseline to take care of my little guy until he was healed, one less thing to buy.
  10. Samples of formula, bottles, diaper bags etc- If the nurse didn’t automatically offer you some free samples.  You can just ask “is there a brand of formula/bottles/whatever that your recommend?”  Chance are, she’ll say “here, let me get you some samples.”  You can do this at your pediatrician’s office too!  We had a hard time getting our daughter to take a bottle and the nurse at the pediatrician’s office gave us some sample bottle nipples to try.

My son was born three weeks early and my labor was fast with a capital F (that’s not the only thing about my labor that had a capital F, but that’s another post!).  My husband and I were completely unprepared and the bags that we hastily threw together didn’t even make it out of the car before I gave birth.  So believe me when I say the hospital really gives you everything you need for labor, delivery and the days after.  If you are caught off guard by labor, like I was, and don’t have everything packed, don’t worry, you’ll still have everything you need.  But round two, we were more prepared and a few ‘creature comforts’ were nice to have.  Below are my suggestions on what to bring to the hospital. What are your suggestions??

  • Your own pillow -with a colored pillow case so it doesn’t get mixed up with the hospital’s pillows
  • Lollipops or hard candy for during labor- I didn’t use these, but every list swears by them, so bring them along!
  • Ipod/docking station– with your zen playlist or your heavy metal playlist, what ever is going to get you through labor!
  • A favorite throw blanket -Its nice to make the hospital a little more homey
  • Receiving blanket -the hospital will give you plenty, but if you have a special one for pictures
  • Camera and/or Video Camera–  They can be pretty graphic and PLEASE don’t post them on facebook, but those pictures of your baby all slimy and wrinkled on your chest for the first time…I’m tearing up thinking about it.
  • Large bath towel– that first shower after delivery is golden, but the hospital towels are a little scrawny, you may want to pick up an inexpensive one, as it could get stained. And bring one for your partner too.
  • Socks or slippers for mom – 2 pair – be prepared to never see them again
  • Oral B brush ups – great if you are in bed for the day after delivery!
  • Munchies for you and hubby
  • Granny underwear– like the cheap Fruit of the Loom kind for the hospital and the first few weeks home.  You can just throw them away if they get ruined.  Personally, I liked the weird mesh ones they give you, but some people hated those.
  • A robe and comfortable PJs– Most hospitals have a postpartum hospital gown that is a little more like a nightgown, but I liked having comfy pajama bottoms and a nursing tank.  Again, you may want to get an inexpensive pair incase they get stained or ruined
  • Clothes for the baby– I wasn’t sure about this before I had my first, but you don’t need to bring any clothes for the baby.  Your little bundle will spend his or her first few days in a diaper and t-shirt provided by the hospital and expertly swaddled by your nurses (or completely spastically swaddled by you).
  • Going home outfit for baby and mom -remember, you have no idea how big or small your baby will be and mom will be about the size she was at 5 months pregnant, do yourself a favor and just bring yoga pants.
  • Cash for the parking garage -most take cards, but if something happens, its not the time to be stressed about getting your car out!
  • Car seat installed – You can take your car and car seat to many highway patrol offices, police stations or the store you bought your seat at to have it installed correctly.  The statistics say 85% of car seats are installed incorrectly.
  • Thank you notes – I kept a list of each of my nurses’ names as they rotated through over the two days and wrote a quick thank you note to each of them before I left the hospital as well as to the doctor who delivered my baby.  My husband also picked up Bagels from the Noah’s down the street from the hospital and dropped them off at the nurses station the first morning we were there.  Those nurses work hard and take good care of you!


*I realize I talk about a lot of things getting stained or ruined, nothing of mine actually did get ruined at the hospital, but it is better to not worry about anything happening to your favorite pjs you brought back from your honeymoon in Paris!

Stay tuned for next week post when we talk about what to bring HOME from the hospital with you!

I am incredibly lucky to have a great group of girlfriends from my pre-baby life (most from my pre-husband life!) who all decided to have babies around the same time.  As each one got ready to give birth, the ones who already had babies started a running list of the products and suggestions they found to work for them and their babies.  Of course, every mom and baby is different and the best advice I ever received is not to listen to any advice!  But here is the list of some of our favorites!

Breast/Bottle Feeding:

  • My Breast Friend nursing pillow
  • Medela Pump in Style breast pump
  • Lansinoh Lanolin breast cream
  • BPA  free bottles – be prepared to try different bottles until you find one your baby likes.  My son liked the Born Free, my daughter liked the Platex drop in liner bottles
  • Medela breast pads


  • Baby Carrier —  Bjorn, Ergo Carrier or sling — Different products work better for different moms and baby.  See if you can “test drive” one from a friend before you purchase.
  • Strollers —  Like carriers, different people like different styles.  Don’t think you can get away with just one.  Most families will end up with some type of frame for the infant seat, a main stroller (the Bob is popular with my girlfriends) and an umbrella stroller for quick trips to the store and traveling.
  • Infant car seat
  • JJ Cole Bundle Me
  • JJ Cole infant support pillow for car seat — Makes the car seat more snug, especially if your baby is a peanut!
  • Check out for very cool car seat covers.  Fun if you want to change the gender theme of your car seat for baby number 2, or if you just want something a little more special than what comes on the seat.  Plus, the covers are easy to wash. (I got mine here;


  • Aden & Anais blankets-  I love, love, love these blankets.  I love the size and I love the light-weight texture.  They are perfect for swaddling, covering the baby in the carseat, as a floor blanket, as a nursing cover, as a burp cloth…everything!
  • Miracle Blanket — A long distance friend recommended this to me and it has become my go-to baby shower gift. Makes swaddling a snap – and for bleary-eyed moms, anything that’s a snap, you want.
  • Sleep Sack– For when they outgrow swaddling .  With my second child, I also got a sleep sac that has velcro swaddling “wings” that you could wrap around the baby when they need to be swaddled, but then unvelcro to leave just a sleep sack when they grow out of the swaddle.
  • Waterproof pads for the crib — We did 3 layers of waterproof pads and crib sheets, so that in the middle of the night you just have to rip off the top wet layer and go back to bed!



  • Infant bath tub — Don’t get a collapsible one, they leak,  I got one from IKEA for $8 that rocked.
  • Paraben-free soap — Check out or for good choices.
  • LOTS of cheapy small wash clothes –I stash them everywhere, next to every chair in the house and in my purse, pocket, car.  They’re great for just wiping up drool, spit up or whatever.


  • Sophie the Giraffe- You might choke at the price, but French babies for the past 50 years can’t be wrong
  • Mirror toy- Babies love to look at themselves and a mirror toy can engage them enough get through a tummy time session
  • Mobile- My daughter LOVES her mobile so I recently bought the Tiny Love Take Along Mobile.  It clips to her car seat or the side of the pack-n-play
  • Lovey- we love the Angle Dear lovies in our house!



  • Aquaphor — Put it on any mark on the baby’s body, baby acne scratches, mild diaper rash, etc.
  • Desitin Creamy- When the diaper rash is bad.



  • Vibrating bouncy chair — They only fit in it for a few months, but it is a godsend while it works – you can put it in the bathroom and take a shower!
  • Stability Ball— That’s right!  My stability ball was the ONLY place that would make my colicky baby stop crying.  We would just sit on it and bounce for hours!
  • Swing — Many a baby in our group slept many a night in the swing.


  • My biggest piece of clothing advice is to think ahead for that first year.  Babies grow fast and outgrow their clothes faster.  Stores stop selling that season’s clothes well before the season is over.  You’ll need fleece pjs in February, but the stores will be filled with spring outfits.  By the next size (or two) up in November while you can.  


  • American Academy of Pediatrics Baby & Child Your Questions Answered
  • Organic Everything Cookbook for Baby and Toddlers
  • Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth
  • The Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp (GET THE VIDEO – its 30 minutes long, but totally worth seeing!)
  • The Secrets of the Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg

First Aid

*Another great bit of advice I got was to set up a drawer in the changing table with all the first aid supplies, as opposed to the bathroom.  This way, you know where everything is, everything is right within reach and you’ll have the baby on the changing table to administer medications, take temperatures etc.


  • Baby Tylenol — Have it on hand, cuz you’ll need it at midnight!
  • Gripe Water — We didn’t use this, but others swear by it for fussiness/gas.
  • Adult cuticle scissors — I found these are the easiest way to trim tiny nails – better than the baby clippers they sell.  Do it while baby is nursing or sleeping.
  • Bulb syringe – Steal one from the hospital — it’s better than any one you buy (and while I’m on stealing from the hospital, take some swaddle blankets too!)
  • Digital baby thermometer



  • Trumpet socks — They stay on little feet
  • Newborn soothies (pacifiers)

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