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Welcome April!

Wow! Here it is April already.
I hate the cliché “Time Flies,”  But March just whizzed past.

My big milestone happened early in the month.  I hit 100 posts!

It gave me a great time to reflect and see where I’ve been, where I am going and where I still am….in the trenches!

My only two other big posts for the month are a perfect example of how in the trenches I still am.  My kids have been sick…a ton.  And I’m always exhausted because no matter what kind of sleepers you have (I like to think I have great sleepers), as moms, I don’t think we will ever get a full night sleep again.

But in true “it takes a village” fashion,  I was honored to have so many awesome experts here at Bump Life to guest post and pick up the posting slack!

We started off the month with Jessica Edelen giving us her words of wisdom on how to pick a preschool for your little ones.  The good news is Brady finally got into a preschool for next fall and this article helped me see how important it is, as a parent, to trust your gut sometimes.

The guys over at Prepare Us helped me check one thing of  my never ending to do list, get prepared for an earthquake!   Their ready to go packs are amazing and they gave us some awesome tips on how to make sure You are Prepared for a Disaster.

Sharon Lincoln, CPCC, inspired us to do a little spring cleaning in our brains with Spring Cleaning: Letting Go of Old Thoughts

Chalita Photikoe, L.Ac., gave us some solid, straight forward advice an how to get pregnant with Tips for Trying to Conceive

Wordless Wednesdays have become a favorite of mine and I got to a few this past month.  Images are so important in our lives these days, but I love how an image can make me think and reflect on my life and my kids a little more. (click on the images below to read more)

So here we are in April!  I am up early, while the rest of the house is still asleep.  I am looking forward to the month ahead.  I have a lot of great posts coming up, and more awesome guest posters.  I’m going to try posting a few recipes I have tried and get back to some of my favorite lists and answering some of your questions.  So stay tuned!

Have anyone you think might like to join us this month?  Forward this post over to them or have them join us on Facebook at


Holy Cow!!

The stomach flu hit our house this week and knocked us all for a loop.  Needless to say not much got done this week other than laundry, movie watching and bleaching door handles.

So this is a quick wrap up, since I didn’t get to write much.

A Closer Look At A Nanny Share

Childcare is always a tricky topic.  There are so many options, and so many emotions that go along with finding someone else to care for your child.  We are in a nanny share and it is working out really well.  Here is a closer look at a nanny share.

Fit Tip Friday- Multitasking

I was so inspired by one of my clients this week.  She incorporated her own abdominal exercises into her son’s bedtime routine.  Now that is Multitasking

So thats about it for this week.  If you missed this video on Facebook, you have to check it out.

Sh*t Urban Moms Say

Speaking of Facebook…why don’t you head over there right now and hit “like.”  Lots of conversations and updates over there!

See you all next week!



Ahh…beautiful Sunday afternoon, two sleeping kids, a clean kitchen (thanks to the hubby) a stocked fridge after a trip to the Farmer’s Market…life is good!


The year of the Dragon is going to be a GREAT year!

AND according to Chinese Astrology this is going to be an exciting year!  I am looking forward to the big ideas and ambitions this year brings.  You can read more about the Year of the Dragon here.


I’d love to hear what your big goals and plans are for this year too!  And what can the BUMP life community do to help you reach those goals?



What fills YOUR cup?

In fact, one of my goals here at BUMP Life is to give busy moms more tips and tricks to help them master their lives and really hit their stride after kids.  Starting with these weekly 10-minute challenges.  We are all so busy, that making any change in our life can seem overwhelming.  I have realized, after feeling pretty overwhelmed myself, that there is a lot you can do in just 10 minutes that makes you feel better and helps you build momentum to make bigger changes.  Check out this weeks 10 minutes to change your life  all about Filling YOUR Cup





Fun weekend with the Family

One thing that fills my cup is spending time with my family.  We got away for a long weekend to the beautiful San Diego last weekend, check out more about it and how Traveling Along with Two Kids went here







I LOVE when members of the BUMP life community reach out to ask questions or offer their own advice.  A fitness friend of mine had a question about Baby Weight vs Extra Weight and what was the difference.  Read that answer here!




Because I was away last weekend, I didn’t get to a wrap up last week.  In fact, I didn’t write too much last week.  Maybe it was because I was traumatized by a CRAZY temper tantrum Monday night!!  How do you handle temper tantrums?



I am so excited for next week here at BUMP life.  I am finally going to fulfill another goal here and start posting more video blogs as well as written ones.  The first one is coming tomorrow and it is all about Newborn Essentials shot inside Babies R Us while other shoppers thought I was clearly crazy talking to my phone in the aisle!


And more video’s to come, including product reviews, exercise demos and answers to YOUR questions!  So let me know what YOU would like to see here and feel free to share this site with your friends and community.  Also, we have some fun GIVEAWAYS coming up too!!


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!



Happy Sunday Everyone!

We had a FULL week here at BUMP Life!

Are you headed to a baby shower soon?  This post is all about my Go To Baby Shower Gifts.  I heard some great suggestions from all of you too!  The Sleep Sheep, The Twilight Turtle, not too many blankets, and Sophie the Giraffe we’re popular among the BUMP life community.

Speaking of our great BUMP Life community, it is Be Nice on The Internet Week.  I think it is so important for us moms to build a community online that is supportive and caring, even when we disagree.

A perfect example of this is the uproar that a recent episode of Anderson Cooper’s talk show created when his guest, a working mom, said stay at home mom’s are “lazy.”

Anderson is joined by a panel of moms who discuss the controversial new study that says moms with jobs outside the home are healthier and happier, and debate the issue of who is actually happier. Also, Anderson speaks with a mom who works outside the home who shares her extreme point of view, claiming that moms who stay at home are “lazy.”

This lead to lots of mommy bloggers talking about “mommy wars” and how it is the media pitting us against each other, not building support.  My favorite quote is from Alice Bradley of Finslippy

Without any kind of infrastructure in place to allow women to be parents and also have lives, we have to jury-rig our lives and hope that the whole thing doesn’t come crashing down. And then while we’re trying to negotiate this insane situation the media comes along and whispers, “Psst. Stay at home moms think you’re selfish,” or, “Guess what? This working mom called you lazy.”

And in honor of supporting moms, dads, kids, and best friends ALL over the internet and in your own house.  I made this sticky note for Wordless Wednesday: Share the Love! It got passed around between friends on facebook and in text messages…then I left the real thing in my husbands gym bag 🙂

Always a reader favorite, Life Coach Sharon Lincoln was back with us this week talking about the Art of Authenticity.  She points out how true to themselves our young children are, and how we could take a lesson from them!

And if you need some musical motivation, for a workout or anything else, check out this iMix out!!

Thanks for joining us this week!

Happy New Year!


With 8 days of 2012 under our belts, I hope your new year is off to a great start.  I am SO excited about 2012 and all it has in store for us.  I hope to offer you some big things this year here at BUMP Life.


What words will define YOU in 2012?

Did you set any New Year’s Resolutions or goals for yourself or family this year?  How about just 3 words to set your intentions for the year?  What are yours?  I’d love to hear from you?







Back in December I did a post called 10 minutes to change your life.   I was feeling very overwhelmed with all the holiday prep going on and I realized that if I just stopped and broke down my tasks into small manageable bites, I would feel so much better.  I heard back from a lot of you on how it really helped you too!  So this week we have part 2, all about how sometimes those little things we procrastinate really only take a few minutes and really inspire us to change other things!




I'll try not to lock *this* one in the car

Have you ever locked your kids in the car?  I did when my son was only about 9 months old and I completely panicked and almost broke my car’s window.  I wished someone would have told me how easy it was for the fire department to get the door open!






Make a big batch of hard boiled eggs on the weekends


If your New Years Resolution involves eating a healthy breakfast like mine does.  Check out our FIT TIP FRIDAY’S post on Fast, Healthy Breakfasts


And if you were too busy with the Holidays to watch the last FIT TIP FRIDAY video of 2011, here it is again.  Try doing squats while you push your kids on the swing.  And look forward to more videos on BUMP Life in 2012.



So here is to a wonderful new year for all of us.  Please tell me what you would like more of in 2012 here at BUMP Life.  Remember, we’re all in this together!




Happy Sunday!  And a very happy Thanksgiving.  I have so much to be thankful for and I am incredibly thankful for my BUMP Life community.

If you have been busy slaving away at the stove or scooping up black friday deals this week- here’s what you missed:


Congratulations to Brook Tapia on winning the book; Hot Sweaty Mamas: Five Steps to Life as a Fit Mom- Your book is in the mail! And stay tuned for more giveaways- we have a few fun ones planned!!


Sharon gives us a different perspective on goal setting by focusing on what the outcome will feel like.  Then creating a anchor to remind us if that feeling.  I already wrote out my goal and taped it to my keyboard to remind me what I am striving for.

Redefine the Resolution: A different Approach to Goal Setting


Sometimes, a puddle and a stick is all you need...

I participated in my first ‘Wordless Wednesday‘- a picture posted to my blog, then linked up through to other wordless Wednesday participants.  Its a great way to find new blogs and connect with others online.

Heres a blog I found this week and I am totally going to try this crockpot apple sauce recipe

I'm thankful for these little feet...


Thursday was all about giving thanks (and eating way too much food) and I am very thankful for my kids.

Thank You for Being My Kids


The day after all that over indulgence was the perfect day to introduce a new feature here on BUMP Life.  FIT TIP FRIDAYS are a quick health and fitness tip that we can all tackle together!

This week:  If you don’t really love something, don’t eat it!

Like many of you, I can’t believe December starts next week.  The Holidays are a fun, crazy time for all of us and here at BUMP life, we have some great holiday posts and giveaways coming up!  Be sure to take a few minutes each day for yourself and I hope you spend a few of those minutes here.

Have a wonderful evening and see you back here next week for  more BUMP life!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I know we are all busy and don’t always get to everything we hope to during the week so, a  new feature here on BUMP Life is the Sunday Night Wrap Up!

Here’s what happened this week on BUMP Life:


It was an exciting week as we hosted the ladies from Hot Sweaty Mamas on their virtual book tour.

Read my review of their book here;

Book Review: Hot Sweaty Mamas: Five Secrets to Life as a Fit Mom

Then Laurie and Kara were our guest’s on Thursday with their post;

Goodbye Mother Guilt: The secret to staying committed is letting go

These ladies have some great tips for figuring out how to be a healthy mama!  Be sure to check them out



 I am giving away a copy of HOT SWEATY MAMAS: FIVE SECRETS TO LIFE AS A FIT MOM to one lucky BUMP Life reader.  Leave a comment here or on our facebook page.  A winner will be randomly selected on Friday 11/25



This week, I posted part 3 in the Prenatal Fitness Answers Series, all about the myths around exercising (and sleeping) on your back during pregnancy.

Prenatal Fitness Answers-Part 3- Supine Hypotensive Syndrome

If you missed part 1 or 2 in the series, here they are.  And stay tuned for the final installment next week all about the hormone Relaxin and what it does to your body during pregnancy and post partum.

Prenatal Fitness Answers- Part 1- Heart Rate Guidelines

Prenatal Fitness Answers- Part 2- Abdominal Training



What is your stance on TV viewing for your little ones?  Read about what the research has to say and my personal take on the whole thing here;

TV and Kids: What’s a Busy Parent to Do?



Even though it was actually last week when Sharon Lincoln talked about Removing the Triggers when it comes to achieving our goals, I thought it was worth linking to again.  She has some great tips for us as always.  Next week she’ll be back to talk about Redefining the Resolution to get us ready for the New Year (or before!)

Seasons of Change: Removing the Triggers


Next week starts the busy holiday season, and we have a lot of posts on the agenda to get us ready and keep us sane during the next few weeks.  Want some kid-friendly holiday crafts ideas?  It’s coming.  Holiday workouts?  Done.  Need help picking out some gifts?  We even have giveaways coming up, so you don’t even have to shop!  Weekly Fit Tips?  Watch for new videos soon.

Let us know what else you are looking for and share your ideas with the rest of our BUMP Life community.

Happy Sunday


Just cleaning up!

Nothing like a quite Sunday morning to get some cleaning done.   With one baby napping and the other kid out at the park with dad, I have a chance to get things organized around here.  Wait…did you think  I was talking about  my house??  Oh no, (sorry honey!) I’m talking about my blog!

I realized it was getting a little hard to navigate around the site to browse or look for a specific article, even for me!  So I made a few updates.

First, did you see the new search bar in the upper left corner of the home page?  Now you can put in terms like “fitness” or “potty training” and read those articles.

Second, I decided to define BUMP Life’s tag line a little more.

…for everything bump, babies and beyond

Now, you will notice new page tabs at the top of the site with these words;

Bump: Here you’ll find articles about pregnancy and preparing for a new baby

Babies:  Has you new little one arrived?  Here is where the articles about babies are indexed

Beyond: Beyond the baby stage, or looking for something just for mom?  You’ll find that here

While I was working on the indexes, I revisited many of the past posts and its like visiting an old friend.  Since we have many new readers (thank you!!).  I thought I’d point out a few of my favorite past articles.

Two of my first posts really still resonate with me.  I realize now that right as I was starting this blog, I was dealing with some post partum depression.  It makes sense now, the feeling overwhelmed, the anxiety about the job I was doing as a parent…but writing and reading (to myself) these posts really were really a cathartic part of getting me through that time.  Maybe they can help you too!

Note to Self: Parenting Reminders I Need to Remember

If You’ve Figured Out This Parenting Thing, Raise Your Hand

Getting ready to deliver?  Here are two great list on what to take to the hospital and what to bring home.  Check out the comments, great suggestions from the BUMP Life community too!

With the Holidays around the corner, you are probably starting to think about gifts for all the special people in your life and the lives of your kids. Here are some ideas for turning your kids art work in to great gifts. And stay tuned for two guest posts in the next few weeks sure to help with the Holiday madness.  One by Christian Wood, preschool teacher extraordinaire on more holiday crafts for your little ones and another by Tammy Gabel, a high school friend and new mom, who will share some wonderful ideas for gifts for all the childcare providers in your life (I’ll be using that one!).

So, if you have a few moments on this Sunday browse around the site.  If you see an article you like, share it with a friend (or post a link on your FB page!). Thank you, truly, to each and everyone one of you for building a community together!


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