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I am SO excited….



The BUMP Life community is growing and conversations are starting.  You are starting to ask questions and you are starting to answer each other’s questions. What a GREAT community!!


I am so excited to announce a new feature here on BUMP Life.


BUMP Life’s Video Mail Bag


Each episode,  I’ll take questions from the BUMP life community, summarizes suggestions, gives my personal opinion and researches expert advice.


Today’s installment addresses Overnight Diaper Leaks.


Watch the video for 3 tips for keeping your kids dry while they sleep, plus a bonus tip for boys!

Don’t feel like watching the video?  Thats ok too!

Here are the tips:
1. Overnight Diaper in 1 size up from the normal diaper sizeHuggies Diapers Overnite, Step 5, Big Pack, 52 Count

2. Diaper Liner/Diaper DoublerTranquility TopLiner Mini Booster Pad Diaper Inserts Pk/25

3. Cloth diaper cover- like the kind used for cloth diapering, over the top of the whole thinggDiapers Little gPants, Golly Molly Pink, Large (26-36 Pounds)

Bonus tip:  If you have a boy, point the ‘firehouse’ down to insure the urine goes into the most absorbent part of the diaper.

Stay tuned for more Video Mail Bags and head over to to ask your questions and join the conversation.


Good friends of ours are getting ready to have a baby and I wanted to pick up a few items to help round out her nursery.  I wanted to choose items I found SO essential for those first few weeks after bring the baby home.

Come with me on a little shopping adventure to Babies R Us, as I pick up some of my favorites.  What are YOUR must haves for those first few weeks?

*what did you think of my video?  I’d love your feedback!  What else would you like to see in future video blogs?

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