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While out for a walk with the kids this morning, we saw another family out for a stroll!  Those babies were SO cute!

I am busy working on some really great updates to this site.  Can’t wait to reveal them!  Anything you’d like to see??


Listening to Cat In The Hat on CD in his fort

Day 2 of our modified National Turn Off Your TV week.  I offered Brady 20 minutes of TV before bed, as is his normal routine, and he chose to listen to his CD story of Cat In The Hat inside the fort he built for that purpose.  I guess we are doing ok at the “no TV” thing…maybe this will stick?

AH…nothin’ like a sleeping baby!  We have had a bit of a nap boycott in our house.  At 14 months, I know she is getting close to dropping her two nap a day routine, but I thought it was a bit too soon.  Most experts agree that between 15-18 months is a normal time frame to drop that second nap, and frankly I wasn’t ready to give it up yet!  So we pushed on through, trying to adjust her morning nap time a bit later and still convince her to take an afternoon nap.

We had about two weeks of her protesting at least one nap. Some days she’s refuse to go down in the morning, but still take a good afternoon nap, other days she’d take a long morning nap and protest the afternoon rest.  And on the darkest of days…she’d boycott BOTH naps…ARGH!!!!

But I persisted and just put her down twice a day, even if she just fussed in her crib for 45 minutes.   My husband managed to get her down twice on Saturday (I think sometimes a change in scenery helps) and she has taken two naps for me yesterday and today.

She may still be close to dropping that nap for good…and in some ways that will be fun too!  But right now, I am going to stretch out the two naps a day for as long as I can!!

What age did your baby drop the second nap??  Did you push it or just let it go?

If I have learned anything while being a parent, it is that things usually don’t go as planned.  And for a planner by nature, this has proved to be challenging for me.  Right now, one child is home from school sick and the other is in her crib boycotting her nap.  This was not how I had planned this day to go! But I have been working really hard to embrace the chaos and even enjoy it!

I had already thrown in the towel on this week, that nothing was going to “get done.”  I reminded my self that my children are the most important thing in my life and making sure they are happy and healthy is my main goal every day.  That means that everything else I have planned on any given day, just might not get done.

Then, while flipping through my favorite blogs, I saw this post on Babble about Parenting Mission Statements.  And I decided a mission statement was exactly what I needed to put this crazy days (which is really every day, right??) into perspective.
So here is mine;


To say “I love you” to my children every day.  To raise them to be kind, accepting, contribution members of our community and to always lead by example.  To learn to embrace the small moments and not sweat the small stuff all at the same time.

So, that is what I am going to do today, and tomorrow and the day after that.  And I hope somewhere in there I can go grocery shopping, get some work done and maybe clean up the cheerio explosion.  But only after I build a block tower.

What is your Parenting Mission Statement?

Welcome April!

Wow! Here it is April already.
I hate the cliché “Time Flies,”  But March just whizzed past.

My big milestone happened early in the month.  I hit 100 posts!

It gave me a great time to reflect and see where I’ve been, where I am going and where I still am….in the trenches!

My only two other big posts for the month are a perfect example of how in the trenches I still am.  My kids have been sick…a ton.  And I’m always exhausted because no matter what kind of sleepers you have (I like to think I have great sleepers), as moms, I don’t think we will ever get a full night sleep again.

But in true “it takes a village” fashion,  I was honored to have so many awesome experts here at Bump Life to guest post and pick up the posting slack!

We started off the month with Jessica Edelen giving us her words of wisdom on how to pick a preschool for your little ones.  The good news is Brady finally got into a preschool for next fall and this article helped me see how important it is, as a parent, to trust your gut sometimes.

The guys over at Prepare Us helped me check one thing of  my never ending to do list, get prepared for an earthquake!   Their ready to go packs are amazing and they gave us some awesome tips on how to make sure You are Prepared for a Disaster.

Sharon Lincoln, CPCC, inspired us to do a little spring cleaning in our brains with Spring Cleaning: Letting Go of Old Thoughts

Chalita Photikoe, L.Ac., gave us some solid, straight forward advice an how to get pregnant with Tips for Trying to Conceive

Wordless Wednesdays have become a favorite of mine and I got to a few this past month.  Images are so important in our lives these days, but I love how an image can make me think and reflect on my life and my kids a little more. (click on the images below to read more)

So here we are in April!  I am up early, while the rest of the house is still asleep.  I am looking forward to the month ahead.  I have a lot of great posts coming up, and more awesome guest posters.  I’m going to try posting a few recipes I have tried and get back to some of my favorite lists and answering some of your questions.  So stay tuned!

Have anyone you think might like to join us this month?  Forward this post over to them or have them join us on Facebook at

While playing the his favorite game on my phone the other day, Brady figured out how to switch over to the camera.  Later, I checked out his shots.  I LOVE them.  The neat thing, when he and I were looking at them later, he told me he was taking very specific shots on purpose, of Violet’s nose, of her eye.  Perhaps a photographer on our hands!

self portrait

There is something else about that I learned about these pictures and this post.  I shouldn’t say learned, because its something we all know.  Something I was reminded of.  To slow down, to take time to enjoy the little things, the little ones in your life.  To really get on their level and see the work through their eyes. Brady probably took 50 pictures in this ‘series’  and then he and I sat and looked at them all.  He told me about them, what he saw, what he was trying to do…it was amazing.

Things have been busy around our house lately, lots going on.  Like everyone’s house all the time right?!?!  I haven’t posted as much as I have wanted to over the last few weeks and I haven’t done some of the other projects on my never ending list.  AND I had a classic Megan melt down feeling overwhelmed and questioning how are we going to ‘get to it all’.

I still don’t know.

But I can stop to appreciate Violet the talking dog’s nose, or eye or most importantly the little eye behind that lens.

What will you do today to appreciate the little things (that are really the big things) in your life??

(and any tips for getting it all done would be appreciated too!!!)

Does this picture need more explanation?? Read on to find out!


I LOVE pregnant bellies.


There have been quite a few beautiful pregnancy photo shoots floating around in my slice of the internet lately.  I love photos of pregnant woman.  I think they are not only beautiful, but such a touching reminder of such a fleeting time.


I loved being pregnant and loved my pregnant belly, and I LOVE the photo above.   But I really regret not having those lovely black and white, softly lit images for myself.


So, send me yours!


Really, I mean it!  I’d love to see your pregnancy photos and maybe even use the images on my blog (with your permission, of course!)  Send me your favorite shot, professional or iPhone-in-the-mirror snap shot to


Now, want a little more info on that picture above??  This is a very pregnant me visiting the riders on the AIDS Lifecycle charity ride from San Francisco to LA (585 miles over 7 days).   ALC supports AIDS research and services, and thousands of riders participate raising millions of dollars each year.  I have done the ride twice (pre-kids), my husband has completed 6 rides and my 60+ dad has rocked out 7 rides so far and is ready to go on his eighth ride this June (want to support him? Click here to donate!).  I was visiting my husband and his friends at the end of Day 5, also know as Red Dress Day,  This is my good friend and yes… he rode his bike in that outfit!  ALC is an amazing organization, that does amazing things and I am honored to be associated with the organization and the riders.

Seeing dad off on Day 1 of the 2009 ride

Rain, rain go away…..

Its raining today and it is supposed to rain for the next week or so.  As much as I know we need the rain (its been such a dry winter), I can’t help but think wishfully for the rain to stop.  Rain and kids are a big hassle, wet clothes, not park to burn energy, mud tracked through the house, getting poked with an umbrella…

But at least once a rain storm, I try to let me son go crazy in the puddles.  He puts on his fireman rain boots and his jacket and jumps in puddles until he is so wet we have to strip his dripping clothes of him on the door step and wrap him is cozy blankets with hot chocolate to warm up.

He reminds me how sometimes even the big hassles in life can be enjoyable if met with the right attitude.

I promised him after school today, he could jump in all the puddles he could find.

Maybe today, I’ll have to join him.

First pigtails

You bring these little adorable blobs home from the hospital and you think,

“I will never love you more than I do right now”


And then you do.


Each day.  Each milestone.  Each new word or idea.  You watch then grow and change and develop into these little people.    One day they are little blobs and one day you are able to put pigtails in their hair.


Its amazing.


I am an Etsy addict, so when I saw these adorable onesie stickers from Purple Possom, right before I had my baby, I knew I wanted to document her first year this way.  It is so fun to see them now as a whole series and see how much she changed each month!





Now what am I going to do for month 13??

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