Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE LISTS!

I have always loved lists, but becoming a parent has made having lists an absolute necessity for me.  Lists make sure I have everything in my diaper bag for a day at the zoo, lists help make sure I have all the goodie bag items for my kids’ birthday party, lists help me share with other parents my favorite baby products, lists keep me on track for the day and help me dream for the future.

So, here on BUMP Life, I will share with you some of my lists.  Maybe they’ll help you get to the 10:15 penguin feeding, or maybe they’ll help you stock your new nursery, or maybe you’ll just think I am crazy!  But check back here for new lists to be added all the time.

Girlfriends’ Guide to Everything New Baby:

What to Pack for the Hospital:

What to Bring Home From the Hospital (ie, what to steal)

15 Summer Boredom Busters

The Ultimate Diaper Bag Check List

The Emergency Kit Part 1- Stuff you will actually use