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I just received a first birthday party invitation.  I love first birthdays!  They are such a fun celebration!  They are as much a celebration or the parents, as the kids.  “Hey!  We survived the first year!!!”

I have a few go-to gifts when it comes to First Birthdays (click on the pictures to see the products on amazon)

1.  Plan Toys Wooden Blocks- $20

This is a great set of small blocks.  Perfect for little hands, and both my kids loved to chew on them as well.  And my 3.5 year old still loves to play with them.


2. Green Sprout Organic Bath Toys- $24

These are a little pricey, but they are SO cute and they are machine washable.  Everything in the bath goes in my daughter’s mouth and other bath toys can get really grimy.


3. Battat Hug Links- $15

This is a favorite toy in our house.  Its actually many toys in one! Each ring is a rattle by itself, they link together to form a chain and (my daughter’s personal favorite) they can be taken in and out of the container!  And, like everything else at this age, they are great to chew on!


4. Wood Ramp Racer- $35

This is another toy that still gets much love in our house well past the one year mark.  I find myself playing with it when ever we play cars.  I love to watch the hypnotic rhythm of the cars going down the ramp.  I love the simple wood design too.


5.  Radio Flyer Classic Tiny Trike- $70

If you’re looking for something that is a little more of a keepsake, classic kids toy, you can’t go wrong with Radio Flyer.  Again, this toy has gotten use well beyond one year.  And it is just so darn cute!


6.  Green Toys Vehicles- $20

Green Toys are VERY popular in our house.  We own the pink dump truck, the garbage truck, the boat (as well as the sand toys and kitchen set).  Its a local company that makes their toys out of recycled plastic.


7. Doll Stroller- $30

Regardless of gender stereotypes, both my kids love to push around their dolls and stuffed animals (and sometimes each other) in this little doll stroller.  It folds like a real umbrella stroller for easy storage.


8.  Cardboard Stacking Blocks-$12

In my experience, kids under the age of 4 love toys they can stack, knock over safely, and fill up with other treasures.  These cardboard blocks fit all of those criteria!   Its great for eye-hand coordination and no one gets hurt if the stack goes flying!


Oh…now to decide what to get the birthday girl!!  What are your go to toys for this age?


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