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My (soon-to-be) two chatter boxes!


This morning, Rylan and I were sitting on the couch before anyone else was awake and she was playing with my iPhone.  She pressed the button long enough to prompt Siri, the phone’s ‘personal assistant’ to ask; “how can I help you?” to which Rylan replied with a growl.


Siri contemplated, her little purple line spinning around and she said, “I didn’t understand Rrrr”


It made me laugh.  That, Siri sure is whitty!  But it also made me think about Rylan’s language and word count at 14 months.  Which is pretty small…and not only does Siri not understand her, but really no one else does either.


I admit, I was a little worried that Rylan wasn’t speaking too many words yet, especially since the baby we share care with has a whole slew of words!  But then I remembered that our baby friend is 17 months and I thought back to Brady and his big language surge right around the same time.


Babies all start to talk at different rates with a big explosion between 18-24 months.  Also, I learned with Brady that the “word count” also includes gestures and sounds that mean specific things.


Rylan’s first word was “Dada”- its fitting since they are both wrapped around each other’s fingers.  And she has a handful of variations on Dada…to only the trained ear of her mother.  She says “didi”…which indicates a dog is walking towards us.  And she says the cutest version of thank you – “Dee doo”.  When ever you hand her something, she is so polite for 14 months!  I’ve heard her say “Agua”, thanks to her Spanish speaking nanny and “mama” has slipped out a few times.


One of the questions the Pediatrician asks at the 15-month well baby check up, is how many words the baby is using.  I remember panicking at 14 months with Brady that he only had 1, and by his actually check up, he had 6 words, 4 gestures and could identify a handful of body parts.


So just because I am the only one who can understand her now…I know she’ll be bossing Siri around in no time.





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