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Take your kids out for a bike ride today and you'll both get a little extra activity

I find the days I am busy are the days I make the unhealthiest choices.  I tend to make “convenient” food choices and skip activity.


But as I often advise my clients, small choices add up (both positively and negatively).  And you don’t have to have a perfect day every day to be healthy.


So my FIT TIP FRIDAY suggestion is make ONE extra healthy choice today.


Here are some ideas:

  1. Run around with your kids at the park instead of watching from a bench
  2. Have some carrots with hummus as an afternoon snack instead of pirate’s booty
  3. Have 1 glass of wine with dinner instead of two
  4. Skip dessert
  5. Do 10 squats and 10 push-ups while watching TV tonight
  6. Ask them not to bring chips to the table
  7. Have an apple sliced with peanut butter
  8. Eat a larger portion of veggies and a smaller portion of the rest of your meal
  9. Commit to drinking 8 glasses of water today
  10.  Hard boil some eggs to have on hand this week…when you are busy again


Take a few minutes to make someone smile!

I CAN SEE!!!!!

No literally, I can see.  Last night, my husband and I changed light bulb in the overhead light in our bedroom that has been burned out for at least a month. It’s a 3 bulb light, so we weren’t in total darkness, but still…

Why had we waited weeks to do that?!?!

It took less than 5 minutes. I actually had the lightbulb we needed in our lightbulb ‘box’, no trip to the store.  My husband could reach by standing on the bed, no ladder needed.  I wiped out the glass cover while he changed the bulb and with a flip of the switch we were back in business.

It really got me thinking about how we put off things that we think are going to be harder than they are or take more time or money than they do.  And how, as we leave those annoying tasks on our to-do lists, they also take up space in our brain and affect our psyche.  For weeks, every time I walked into our room and turned on the too-dim light, I was annoyed.  When I walked into our room later last night, I genuinely felt happiness, I actually smiled at the light!

Making one small change makes a difference!!

Can I apply this to some other items on my to do list?  How about my own health and fitness?

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about taking 10 minutes to change your life.  It turned out to be one of my most viewed posts of all time. I think the idea of changing our life 10 minutes at a time is appealing to a lot of us.

Little things add up to big changes

SO, Here is part 2 in our 10 minute challenge.  Do this with me and let me know how it goes

Minute 1:  Seated ab pulses

Sit tall and draw your belly button into your spine without holding your breath (i.e. use your ab muscles not your diaphragm) and release.  Repeat that pulse 30 times.  Its harder than you think!

Minute 2 and 3: Write a Secret Note

Tell your partner you love them on a scrap of paper and put it in his or her jacket pocket. Or draw a smily face on a sticky note and stick in to your kids’ bathroom mirror.  Or write “have a nice day” on a scrap of paper and leave it on a stranger’s windshield.

This activity does two things.  It makes you take 2 minutes to stop and think about someone who is important to you and it tells that person you took the time to let them know they are important to you.  Both of you will be smiling, I guarantee it!

Minute 4-10: Go change that lightbulb

Or what ever that nagging task is on your list that you just need to DO.  Put away the serving dish still out from the holidays because it goes on a high shelf.  Clean out the old leftovers from the fridge.  Call to make that appointment you have been meaning too.  Write that last thank you card to your great aunt.

Ahhhh…..doesn’t that feel good??

Fitness is where you find it.  And I find myself pushing my son on the swing….alot.  I figure pushing him on the swing is a pretty good upper body exercise, so why not add a few squats and make it a full body workout!

treasure hunting on a family hike

As the holiday season seems to creep earlier and earlier each year, the roadblocks to sticking to your exercise routine seem to become more plentiful.  The holiday madness seems to start with Halloween and many reports suggest the average American will gain 7-10 pounds between trick-or-treating and Super Bowl Sunday.

So what’s a waistline to do?

Here are a few tips that I am going to be trying to get me through the next 26 days to 2012:

Something is Better Than Nothing

The biggest mistake that people make around the holidays is putting off their own heath and fitness until “after the New Year”.  If you truly take the whole Holiday season off, you are missing out on 1/6th of the year of fitness (or more!).  And who wants to fight that return rush of other New Years Resolution-ers  anyways.

The effects of exercise are cumulative.  So even if you can’t get to that 9am kickboxing class at your gym 3 times a week like you used to, 15 minutes of exercises at home each morning and a 10 minute walk in your neighborhood after dinner each night adds up to the same total weekly minutes. (try the 15 minute home workout coming tomorrow!)

Create New Healthy Traditions

One of the best parts of the Holidays is celebrating with Family and Friends, but your celebrations don’t have to focus around the TV and finger foods.  Why not plan a family-friendly hike instead of your neighborhood potluck.

Where I am in Marin County, we are luckily enough to have decent weather in December, even if it means wearing an extra layer or bringing an umbrella.  Why not meet at a hiking trail or fire road that starts from a parking lot.   Walk out as far as the little legs in your group want to go, then turn and head back.  Or pick a paved trail where kids can ride bikes and scooters while the adults walk and chat.

Regroup in the parking lot for hot chocolate, coffee and fruit.  Even if you bring out small breads or pastries, it won’t be the same as standing at a buffet table for 3 hours.  Everyone gets out, gets some fresh air and time to chat.  If you go in the morning, you’re done earlier enough to hit up the mall to finish your shopping!

Keep Your Guests Busy

If you are hosting the party, give guest an activity to do besides nibble.  People can string popcorn and cranberry garlands while chatting with their friends instead of popping hors d’oeuvres.

Or asks guests to bring their stash of hotel soaps and shampoos.  Set up a table and guests can put together gift bags for local shelters while they socialize. People will eat (and drink) less during the party and you’ll be helping out local causes at the same time.

Home (workouts) for the Holidays

Need to make the most of your fitness time?  Working out at home it the answer.  Need ideas on how to do that effectively?  Tomorrow I’ll be posting Home (workouts) for the Holidays.  Complete with DVD and website recommendations and a complete home workout you can do in 15 minutes!  See you tomorrow!

Guest Post by Life Coach, Sharon Lincoln, PCC

Once you’ve embodied your goal, find an anchor to remind you

If you are like me, you’ve had some of the same New Year’s resolution year after year. There were times I was close to achieving my goals, only to ultimately fall short in the end.  I was so focused on the task at hand that I often lost site of what it meant to actually achieve my goals. It wasn’t until I changed my perspective around goal setting and making resolutions that I finally succeeded in creating the life I want. As the new year approaches and you create your resolutions, ask yourself this question:

What’s important about this resolution to me?

For example, if weight loss is your objective:

Imagine being at your ideal weight, what does that look like? How does it feel?  Instead of focusing on the challenge of dieting and exercising, think of the results. Pay close attention to how it feels in your body when you envision being at 100%.

Once you’ve embodied this feeling, find an anchor that will remind you of this goal. Perhaps your anchor is a pair of jeans that you yearn to fit into, or a picture of yourself at your ideal. For some, an anchor can be a piece of jewelry that they wear as a reminder, or a slogan written on a sticky note. Find the one that works for you and visit it often along your journey.

So often we create goals and spend our energy focusing on what it takes to get to where we want to be. Spend a few moments everyday focusing on what the outcome would bring to your life and relish in that feeling of fulfillment. Though you may not reach your goals overnight, by taking the time to enjoy the process it will remind you of what you are working towards, living the life of your dreams.

**Enjoying Sharon’s posts?  Check out her other BUMP Life posts;**

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Creating Space for Change

Sharon Lincoln, PCC, is a Certified Personal and Professional Coach. She is a working mom of two, and can be reached at

Supine Hypotensive What?!?!

That sounds like a really scary condition that you don’t want to get, right?  Well, actually it’s really a scary sounding name for a much less complicated issue during pregnancy.

As the size of the growing baby increases, the baby may have enough weight to compress the vena cava (the vein that returns blood to the heart) when the mother is lying on her back.  This usually starts sometime between 20-25 weeks  and most women will describe the symptoms as dizzy  and lightheadedness or ‘pins and needles’ in the legs.

As is true in many prenatal situations, maternal symptoms always precede fetal distress.  This basically means that the pregnant woman is going to feel the pins and needles and know it is time to change positions.

So, Should I not exercise flat on my back?The ACOG recommends limiting time pregnant women spend on their back to 2 minutes.  So, that’s enough time to get in one set of ab work, or chest stretches.  But remember 2 things;

  1. Try side-lying exercises as an alternative to flat on your back

    Supine Hypostensive Syndrome does not affect all pregnant women– some women never feel these symptoms and therefore are probably safe to continuing exercising (or sleeping) on their backs

  2. There are MANY alternative ways to do any exercise that is traditionally done on your back– By elevating your body to about a 30-degree angle, you can avoid any complications.  Doing your abdominal work on a stability ball or on all fours, completely alleviates any blood supply concerns (remember this video).  Try a seated chest press machine instead of a bench press or do the Pilates leg series side lying instead of flat.

I woke up on my back last night, should I be concerned?

Women’s bodies are designed to protect the growing baby.  If, in the middle of the night, you found you had been sleeping on your back, waking up was probably your body’s way of telling you it was time to change positions.  If you are a dedicated back sleeper, try putting one of your baby-to-be’s blankets to use early.  Fold it, and place it under one hip so you can lay on your back, but with your body slightly angled to one side, this is usually enough to keep the direct pressure off your vena cava.

Of course, if any symptoms during pregnancy are concerning to you or seem abnormal, always trust your gut (that’s your mother’s intuition starting!) and call you doctor.

This is part 3 in our series on Prenatal Fitness Questions Answered! If you missed part 1 or 2 click the question below to read the answers. And stay tuned for our final installment in this series on my favorite prenatal fitness topic- Relaxin!

In my many years of working with pregnant woman as a personal trainer and prenatal fitness expert, 4 questions come up over and over again.

4 Top Prenatal Fitness Questions

  1. Can I get my heart rate over 140bpm
  2. Can I do ab work while I am pregnant?
  3. I woke up last night on my back, should I be worried?
  4. My joints feel loosey-goosey, should I avoid working out?- COMING SOON

The lovely ladies of Hot Sweaty Mamas are here today on their Virtual Book Tour.  I love the guest post Laurie has written for us today.  It touches on some of my favorite points from the book (read my review here) and gives some great tips for us busy moms.  And, if you need more inspiration, I am giving away a copy of the book Hot (Sweaty) Mamas: Five Secrets to Life as a Fit Mom.  Read the article and check out how you can enter to win at the end of the post.


Guest post by Laurie Kocanda and Kara Douglass Thom, co-authors of Hot (Sweaty) Mamas: Five Secrets to Life as a Fit Mom.

If you’re like most moms, it takes more than good intentions to stay committed a fitness routine. Don’t let that occasional cookie get you down. What’s really standing in your way is an overdose of something much more toxic: Mother Guilt.

Overcoming Mother Guilt—maybe just locking her in the closet for an hour at a time—is essential if you want to carve out time to get fit. First you need to free up a little mental space so you are strong enough to make the appropriate compromises.

Lose the Preconceptions and Misconceptions

Start by identifying your preconceptions of motherhood; you’ll probably realize what you thought were parenting no-no’s might actually have a place in your life. For example, maybe it’s not so bad to let your kids watch television if it means you can jump on the treadmill or tune into FitTV for an hour. Junk food might be okay if it gets your kids into the jogging stroller. Perhaps you can miss a soccer practice to go for a quick power walk or run. The point is to challenge what you’ve accepted as parenting truths and get realistic about what life is really like.

Take Inventory

Take some time to write down what’s important to you, what values you want to impart on your children (hopefully health and fitness are near the top of the list). Then, take inventory of one or two typical days and see where you’re actually spending your time. Like it or not, top entries for your day translate into your top priorities. Work to make health and fitness an actual, not just perceived, priority. Then, remember who is watching because, like it or not, we lead by example.

Protect Your Priorities

Once you’ve established what your actual priorities are, it’s easier to fight to protect them. Allocating the right amount of time to each of your priorities leads to a certain type of contentment; the alternatives are resentment and (you guessed it) guilt. Saying “no” to something that isn’t a priority starts to feel good when you use the time freed to attend to something that is. You’ve likely fine-tuned your ability to say “no” walking the aisles of Target with your kids. It’s time to put those skills to good use and clear a little clutter from your life.

Remember it’s a Balancing Act

Learning to say “no” is important because sometimes we have to say it to something that is a priority—including fitness. When life throws you a curve ball, make a decision on how you will react. If fitness doesn’t fit in during a particularly hard week, let it go. In making that decision, you stay in control—there is no resentment, no anger, no feeling like the victim. Keep those priorities in check and realize it’s okay to experience temporary imbalances. Sooner or later, you’ll find equilibrium again and your fitness will return.

If you’ve had a hard time maintaining a regular fitness routine in the past, try focusing some attention on the mental components first. Physical fitness requires mental training; knock Mother Guilt out of the picture and the possibilities are endless.

Laurie and Kara, The Authors of Hot (Sweaty) Mamas

Want your own copy?  Comment on this post about how you’re going to prioritize your health or your favorite mommy workout tip.  Want a second chance to win?  Click over to BUMP Life’s Facebook page (like us if you haven’t already) and leave a comment on the wall about your health priorities.  All entries will be combined and randomly chosen on NOV 25th!   

 ***Check our HSM next stop on their tour and find some fabulous new blogs to follow by checking out their tour schedule here***

Green Herbal Smoothie

I can’t believe we are on the last week of our month long Green Smoothie Challenge!!  I can’t believe I haven’t had a coffee house pastry for breakfast in 3 weeks!  I also LOVED last week’s Fruits of Autumn smoothie, did you??

If you have missed any of the past smoothie recipes, check them out here;

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Green Smoothie Challenge- Week 2- Radiate with RED

Green Smoothie Challenge- Week 3- Fruits of Autumn 

Lets get on to Selena and her wonderful recipes.  This week she has TWO smoothies to send us on our way!


Welcome to the last week of the Green Smoothie Challenge!  This week you have two choices, either step it up a notch with the greens and herbs, or give yourself a treat with something more like dessert.  Before we head over to the recipes, I want to address a few questions I’ve been getting about the smoothies.

Why green smoothies?  I’ve written a post about this entitled,  “Why Go Green” Smoothies.

What are the smoothies supposed to do for you?  The idea is to change up your breakfast (and/or snack) utilizing foods we just don’t eat enough of and are power packed with nutrients.  For some, this type of breakfast (pulverized fruits and veggies), will bring great energy and a more lifted spirit.  For others, it may just leave them hungry.  It is very individual.

I’m still hungry!  You always have the option to add in almond butter or a high quality whey protein to your smoothie.  My post-workout smoothie usually includes one of these.

I can’t stomach the kale, chard, collards, etc.  Use spinach or dark leaf lettuce.  These are more delicate greens and have a much milder taste.

What can I add to make it sweeter (more palatable!)?  The best way to add some creamy sweetness to your green smoothie is to add a banana.  Next, a touch more honey or even some stevia.

My flax seeds get stuck in my teeth.  Blend your flax seeds FIRST!   Flax seeds need to be opened up to create flax meal.  This is the only way to activate and digest this food.  The alternative is chia seeds that can be eaten whole (however, better if soaked for 10 minutes first).

Do I have to do this forever?  If you have taken the challenge, notice how you have felt after your smoothies and a few hours afterwards.  If you had a positive change, then you can decide if you want to use smoothie sporadically or daily.  As we roll into winter, smoothies may be too cold for comfort.  Winter is a time for warmer foods!

If you had a less than amazing experience during this challenge, I suggest trying different concoctions from time to time.  You may stumble upon something you (and your kids) will love.  Check out the morning milkshake post that was a winner with my kiddos!

On to the smoothies!

This week we are going “top shelf” by adding some herbs!  Parsley and cilantro make an appearance.

Parsley health benefits:

  • Aids in digestion
  • Has been used to help reduce tumors
  • High in Vit K, Vit A, and Vit C
  • Anti-inflammatory powers
  • Great source of folic acid!
  • **contains oxalic acid – not recommended for those who have kidney and gallbladder disease

Cilantro health benefits:

  • Helps cleanse the blood of heavy metals
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Helps regulate blood sugar
  • Fends off free radicals
  • Helps improve cholesterol levels

Green Herbal Smoothie

8 oz water
1 large leaf kale, collards, or chard OR 4 -5 beet greens OR 1 huge handful of spinach
½ carrot*
½ apple*
small handful of parsley
smaller handful of cilantro (start small and work your way to larger quantities)
½-1 TB raw honey
1 TB flax meal or chia seeds
½- 1c ice

Optional add-ins:

1 TB coconut oil, ½ tsp brewer’s yeast, 1 tsp lemon juice (gives it a great kick!)

*remember to grate or dice these veggies if you don’t have a high powered blender!

Want to see how I make a smoothie?  Watch THIS!

Iron Women Gingerbread Smoothie

Your second choice is a great addition in taste and nutrients.  You will get a kick of Iron into your diet with blackstrap molasses and chia seeds.  I love this smoothie and sometimes freeze it and eat it like ice cream for a dessert!  Credit for this smoothie goes to the great blog:  Oh She Glows!

1 c milk or milk alternative (I like almond milk or a ½ c of canned coconut milk to make it REALLY thick!)
1-2 TB blackstrap molasses
½ tsp ground cinnamon
¼ tsp ground ginger
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 frozen banana
1 TB chia seeds (soaked for about 10 minutes to activate – optional)
½ c ice

Blend everything except the molasses.  Stir in the molasses 1 TB a time.  It is a little overpowering, so start of small!


I would love to hear your experiences with the smoothies!  Please leave a comment below.

If you are interested in learning more about nutrient dense foods and how they can improve your energy, your weight, and your life, please visit my website at or email me at

And, as always, visit my blog :

These smoothies are not only nutritions, but are a super easy way to keep my healthy eating on track

I had a good reminder why I need these quick, easy, nutritious smoothies in my life this weekend.   Every single person in my house is sick. So plans this weekend got a little derailed.  But being able to grab my “smoothie packs” out of the freezer, throw them in the blender and get back to taking care of everyone was so great this weekend. (of course, the sick mom is still taking care of everyone else, right?!?)

Smoothie Packs you ask??

RED smoothie packs ready for the freezer

Before I started my challenge, I got idea from the blog, The Tidy Nest,  to make packs with all my smoothie ingredients ahead of time.   Each Sunday, I did my shopping, washed, chopped and measured out all my ingrediaents into ziplock bags for the week and put them all back in the freezer.  Then each morning I just grab out a bag, put it in the blender with water and I am on my way!

But this weekend, with everyone sick, including me…I still haven’t gone shopping for this weeks ingredients, or made my smoothie, and I MISS IT!!

BUT I am so excited for this weeks smoothies.  I was secrethly hoping Selena would come up with something with apples and cucumber….and guess what??  Thats what it is.

So I am off to the store (missed the farmers market this weekend too) for my WEEK 3 Smoothie goodies!

How is everyone else doing??  I am LOVING this challenge! I even liked the beet smoothie!


This week I wanted to give you two seasonal smoothies.  Eating with the seasons is a practice that is promoted in most of the dietary theories of the world.  When we go against the natural order of things, we go against our own body and how it thrives.  In today’s world, this is tough, since we have food at our fingertips, from all over the world, all the time!

Let’s make an effort this week to enjoy the Autumn harvest:  Pears and apples.

Pears are a treat in God’s own package.  We love them because they are sweet, crunchy, but soft enough to not cause any eating problems for my kids.  They also have some great properties that should encourage you to give them a try:

  • High in vitamin C – great for your immune system and helps fend off free radicals
  • A good source of copper – helps activate an enzyme that helps eliminate superoxide free radicals
  • Fiber – we know what fiber is good for *wink*

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  You’ve heard it and it’s true!  The apple has amazing health benefits and pairs nicely with almond butter. YUM!  Keep in mind that variety is key, so an apple one day, a pear the next, an apricot the next, and so on will also help you stay out of your MDs office.

The amazing apple and its benefits:

  • Phytonutrients can help you regulate sugar
  • Keeps you satiated – This is true if you eat the WHOLE apple vs. applesauce and apple juice
  • The pectin in the apples, in combination with those phytonutrients, protect your heart
  • The high antioxidant properties of an apple has been shown to reduce asthma and protect against some types of cancers

For more information on the apple, check out Whole Foods.

Some of you may feel that smoothies don’t keep you as full for as long as you would like.  For this reason, I am adding a version that has a little more protein.  Enjoy!

Fruit of Autumn Green Smoothie

8-12 oz water : more water=thinner smoothie

½ med pear

½ small-med apple

1 Kale leaf

2 inch section of a cucumber

¼ tsp cinnamon

¼ – ½ tsp honey: use more if needed

1 TB chia seeds: soak in water for 10 minutes and then stir to get “chia gel”*

½ – 1 c ice

1 tsp lemon juice – gives it an extra zing!

*You can use flax meal instead of chia seeds

Don’t forget to chop up well if you don’t have a high powered blender!

A Nuttier Version

8-12 oz water

½ med pear

½ small – med apple

2 TB almond butter (or almonds soak in water overnight)

¼ tsp cinnamon

¼ -1/2 tsp honey: add more as needed

1 TB chia seeds:  soak in water for 10 minutes and stir to get “chia gel”*

1 c ice


1 Kale leaf: I found this a little tastier without the kale

Almond milk instead of water:  gives it a creamier texture

*You can use flax meal instead of chia seeds

This recipe was adapted from the Cinnamon Pear Smoothie recipe created by my friend Julia Sarver at Glow Health Coaching.

The above statements are not intended as a cure to disease.

If you would like to find out more about the importance of seasonal eating, please visit my website at
Join me for an upcoming FREE Teleseminar:  Inflammation: What you Can’t see CAN hurt you


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Becoming more healthy, 1 step at a time (Larkspur stairs)

At every meal, I try to make sure my son has a plethora of fruits, veggies, organic meats and whole grains.

But, up until a week ago, I found myself subsisting on caffeine, luna bars and candy corn. And that’s with a framed degree that reads “NUTRITION.”

Like I said a week ago, sometimes it’s the cobbler’s children who have no shoes.

Why, as mothers, do we take such good care of those around us, but put ourselves at the bottom of the list?

I think for most of us, it comes down to time and mommy-brain bandwidth.  While trying to balance work and motherhood, a pastry at Peet’s at 5am seems to be the easiest breakfast.  If I have an hour free to workout, I usually realize I need to run to the grocery store instead.  By the time I get both kids fed and down for naps, its often 2pm and triscuts and the couch seem like the only choice for lunch.  And after the frantic bedtime routine, dessert with my husband can turn into a nightly treat.  I can’t be the only one, right??

Last Monday, with the help of my friend Selena Moffitt, I started my own “Green Smoothie Challenge.”  My goal was to start my day with a better breakfast, but I found it was the catapult I needed to make some other changes.

Here’s what I noticed;

  • Each smoothie is between 3-4 servings of fruits and veggies that I was not getting before.
  • Although I did not cut out my morning coffee (that was not a main goal for me), I did not have a second afternoon coffee all week.  I just never felt I needed it.
  • I slept better (Probably because of the lack of caffeine in the afternoon)
  • I made better choice at lunch and added more veggies to our family dinners.  (I was just more inspired to ‘keep it up’)
  • I practiced what I preach to my personal training clients and got in a few short workouts, when I otherwise would have thought I didn’t have time.  (3 times up and down those super steep stairs in Larkspur, 20 minutes and I was DONE)
  •  I was more conscious about my sweet treats. I didn’t cut out sugar, but thought about my choices, made the portion size smaller and made sure I really stopped to enjoy the treat.
  • I took more time in the evenings to plan my day.  Not only my food, but everything.  This left me feeling more in control and not quite so frantic.
  • I felt my mood and my attitude were better
  • I liked that my son saw me taking better care of myself

Another favorite quote of mine is “slow and steady wins the race.”  I feel that I took the first small steps to improving my health this week without feeling deprived or frustrated or guilty.  I just made better choices more often.

As a mom, I try to always make good choices for my kids.  But I really want to embrace the idea that making better choices for MYSELF is ultimately the best choice I can make for my children.

So join me!  This week, what is one “better” choice you can make?  Maybe for you it is getting to bed 30 minutes earlier, or spending a little less time on facebook, or getting out for a walk in your neighborhood, or reconnecting with an old friend.

Try it out, I was amazed the trickle down affect one change had.

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