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We just got back for 4 days in San Diego. It was our first plane trip with both kids and our first trip as a family of 4 that wasn’t with other family members. It was also Rylan’s first plane ride.  And my first time flying solo with two kids!  (My husband flew down earlier in the week for business and we met him there on Thursday. )

All in all it was a GREAT trip.   I think we did really well.  There are a few things I’ll remember to do better on the next adventure.  But really this blog post is just an excuse to share some of our vacation pictures 🙂

Things we did well

Pez, Woody, Buzz and Headphones…perfect flight

Old Iphone with new movies and headphones– add a new Pez dispenser from grandma and the 3 year old was easier on the plane than the baby for sure!  The headphones may be my new favorite kid item. Dora on mute…yes please.

On the Tram at the Safari Park

San Diego Zoo Safari Park– I think everyone REALLY enjoyed this attraction.  I wasn’t sure if it would be worth it since we spend so much time at the San Francisco zoo…it was totally worth it.


Couldn’t even wait for a bathing suit

Down time at the hotel- We stayed at a beautiful resort (thanks to my KSL employee discount) and it was great to just have some down time there.  Rylan got to take a few naps in the room.  Brady watched a movie in bed one rainy morning and went swimming the first day.  I like to go go go on vacations, but it was nice to just not go too.

Showing off his new “friend” Diego in his travel carseat

Travel Carseat– Have you seen this thing?  It is a 5-point harness seat, but it folds into a small duffle bag.  We borrowed it from a friend, but I would totally buy this seat just for travel. Safety 1st Go Hybrid Convertible Booster, Baton Rouge

Fun at Balboa park play ground before the flight

Hit a play ground before heading to the airport-Thank you iPhone map.  We found a park about 10 minutes from the airport and let the kids run around for about 45 minutes before heading to the airport.  There was also a drum circle and dancers going on in the park, which was just really fun to watch too.

Things we could have done better

Brought enough diapers…what was I thinking??  Thankfully the airport sold a 2 pack of diapers

AKKK!! Put me DOWN!!!

Made Brady feed the birds– This just goes to show you that there is no rhyme or reason to preschoolers.  At a recent trip to local animal park, Brady loved the Lorakett exhibit, but we got there too late to actually feed them.  So I wanted him to have the chance at the Animal Park, well one landed on his head and he freaked out.  Live and Learn
Brought a night light– Brady doesn’t sleep in the pitch dark, but Rylan does, it was hard to find a light combination that worked for both of them since they were in the same room.  A night light near Brady’s bed, would have solved the problem
Packed less clothes–  I wasn’t sure on the weather or the number of blow outs/spilled juices we’d have, but I had way too many clothes for everyone.

I feel so good about our trip, I am already looking forward to the next family adventure…but I am also looking forward to planning a kid-free getaway for my husband and I too!  Sleeping in anyone???

Family photo- Brady slightly traumatized from his bird encounter

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